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Election Prediction and Commentary Thread, Plus A Pitch For “The Good and Faithful Servant”

Well friends, what are the predictions for Tuesday’s four races –VA, NJ, New York’s 23rd and CA’s 10th? Virginia will be a wipeout, and I think Hoffman wins as the power of new media will have successfully conveyed to the Republicans in New York’s 23rd that to keep the seat they have to vote for the Conservative Party’s Hoffman. If Dave Harmer actually beat Garamendi in CA’s 10th that would be a stunner with far reaching implications, but I don’t expect it.

Virginia will be a wipe-out and that will be a huge message to Congressional Democrats cosnidering Obamacare. The problem is they may be in too deep already to see any advantage in retreat, though Evan Bayh, Blanche Lincoln and Michael Bennet –senators from red to purple states– will have to study the VA results closely.

And please let me know if any among you have adopted The Good and Faithful Servant for your small group study. I’d like to find a few test groups that will let me knopw how it works out.

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