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H3: 10/19/09 Andy Williams

10190903 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 3 – Hugh spends the hour talking about the book Moon River And Me, which is the memoir of the great crooner, Andy Williams.

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H2: 10/19/09 Frank Luntz, David Dreier

10190902 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 2 – Hugh talks about small business and politics, and what Americans really think now with pollster, pundit and author, Dr. Frank Luntz. Later in the hour, David Dreier helps analyze some of the key off-year gains Republicans could make in the House and governor races this November.

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“New Jersey’s Choice and the Mainstream Media’s Too”

My new column is up.

With voting underway in New Jersey, it is time to e-mail and/or call everyone you know in the Garden State and urge a vote for Chris Christie. As my column makes clear, the spoiler Chris Daggett is keeping the hopes of the hapless Jon Corzine alive. If Christie tosses out Corzine, not even the most obtuse Democrat in Congress will be able to ignore the public’s demand that the lurch left end.

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