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H2: 10/09/09 John Ondrasik

10090902 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 2 – Hugh continues his in-depth look at what it takes to write and record a CD. John Ondrasik of Five For Fighting’s new release is called Slice.

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H1: 10/09/09 John Ondrasik

10090901 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 1 – Hugh begins a three hour conversation from the creation to completion of what it takes to make a record with John Ondrasik of Five For Fighting. The brand new release is called Slice.

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A Nobel Reaction?

OK Hughniversians, what’s your reaction? Mine is posted over at and in a column at, but I am looking forward to reading yours.

If you want to turn your reaction into something more nobel, I suggest you join me in purchasing a copy of Five for Fighting’s new release, “Slice.” It is a wonderful album –CD, recrod, whatever we call it these days– and John Ondrasik is a great American and terrific supporter of our troops who also makes great music. I prerecorded today’s program with him on Monday as I am on a plane to Chicago, and you can hear some of the songs from the new release on the show.

Order it here:

Order from iRTunes here.

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