The Weekend Thread

Quite a week, with POTUS giving not one but two very disappointing speeches at the U.N., plus the fanatic from Iran and the nuts from Libya and Venezuala. 

There’s also the “mark-up” in the Senate Finance Committee which underscores just how immense a gamble is being taken with American medicine.  These senators really have no idea what they are voting for, and it is one-sixth of the U.S. economy they are playing with.

No wonder the cash is rolling in to the and  House Dems are worried but Speaker Pelosi is committeed to the public option and President Obama is unwilling to call a halt to that or any of the other terrible parts of the left’s scheme for ruining American health care.

It feels like an enormously long time until November 2010, but proponents of free markets, fiscal sanity and a strong defense –and of victory in Afghanistan and Iraq and of stopping Iran’s nuclear dreams– have to commit one day at a time to stay in the battle whatever it means that day. 

So, what have you done for the cause lately?

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