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Why Did President Obama Fire Van Jones?

Which of Van Jones’ statements, if any, did President Obama find so unacceptable that Jones was obliged to leave such an important post?

And what standard concerning present and future Obama appointees are we supposed to deduce from Jones’ dismissal?

There are plenty of interesting questions to ask Robert Gibbs and all other Obama Administration officials including the president about Van Jones, but don’t expect the MSM to pose them.  

The Washington Post actually has a link to a Jones interview conducted by Lois Romano less than a month ago which includes these questions:

You–you personally appear to be a good communicator, and you’ve done a lot of public speaking, and I–and you are a community activist. Do you view that as part of your portfolio to sort of educate America?


Have you considered that your–your vision might be far ahead of–of reality and what’s really going on in the country?


One final question. You have spent most of your career as a community activist. You started a couple of organizations, and you could be autonomous and sort of see, you know, the impact of your visions. How has this transition been working in a bureaucracy?

The irony is that the Post is advertising today either just how uninterested its reporter was in Jones’ background or how unremarkable the reporter found that background to be.

The Administration, like the president who leads it, is the least examined, the least scrutinized of any of modern times.  MSM has simply refused to push either the president or his appointees on their backgrounds, their plans, their qualifications and their ideology.  Mr. Jones is almost certainly not the only Obama appointee who holds the views he does, but he may well be the only one we ever hear about.

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