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Saturday Afternoon Post

Well, the Buckeyes made me sweat, or more accurately, Navy did.  Hats off to the Midshipmen who never let up even when they were down by 15.  The Irish are making me smile right now, so it is a good time to post.

Over at Duane’s World, Hughniverser Dave posted a request that we post the broadcast from 9/11.  I am not even sure we can do that since it predates the podcasting technology, but if it is possible, Duane will figure it out.

What I am thinking about are the weeks and months of broadcasts after 9/11 where caller after caller flatly stated that America would never forget and would never be the same.  Today’s news is full of voices suggesting it is time to bolt Afghanistan.  I guess “never” meant eight years.

Even as we continue to work to defeat Obamcare, we have to stay behind the president so long as he stays nehind victory in Afghanistan.

Democrats Losing Independents Over Obamacare, Massive Spending, GM, Etc

Don’t believe me.  Believe Charlie Cook.  (HT: HR)

Now there’s Van Jones and the folks who cleared him.  The impression is growing every day that the president is surrounded by the extreme, the inexperienced and the incompetent.  Who else among the czars and czarinas holds views like those of Jones, and how can the country’s economy recover and grow when a group of ideologues are in charge of important policy-making positions?

Democrats are teetering on a political cliff.  Voting for Obamacare –even a stripped down version with no public option, just massive cuts to Medicare–will take them over it.

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