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So they’re all bigots, then?

The news had a picture of an African-American preacher exulting at the results of the North Carolina vote, and it makes you realize what a marvelous opportuniy this represents. The NC vote exposed again the fault lines that run through the various liberal constituencies. In case anyone isn’t clear, there’s a hierarchy: Blacks < Gays < Women.  It’s all great and wonderful when African-Americans get up in robes and sway and sing and do that gospel thing, but when it becomes apparent they’re actually serious about believing that stuff, then it’s something else. At that point they instantly shed any racial identification and become “fundamentalists.” But you can’t call them bigots, so you have to shift the focus to all the inbred rednecks who hate them homersegsuls, which is what my Twitter stream suggests.

It needs to be thrown back into the faces of everyone castigating the NC voters: so you hate Black people, then. You are opposed to Black people expressing their views. You do not understand the role of religion in the Black experience, how you are demanding that people change their culture to conform to an overwhelmingly white conception of the way the world should be. This isn’t just racist, it’s cultural imperialism and condescending white privilege at its worst. Right? I mean, using the logic and arguments of the left, that’s the only possible explanation.

What’s needed, then, are Freedom Riders: busloads of whites from eastern cities who will go to the beleaguered South and fight for gay rights against the staunch, entrenched   interests in the churches that stand in the way of progress. Norman Rockwell’s modern day equivalent must be called upon to draw a magazine cover of two children of gay parents walking under police escort to a Baptist church. Marxists should be drafted to explain how African-Americans are suffering from a false consciousness, and –

– Of course, this won’t happen. Of course, no one would say any of that; people would react like one of those computers Captain Kirk shut down by making them consider contradictory theorems.  Nor will Brian Williams or Anderson Cooper or Soledad O’Brien point out how the DNC’s choice of Charlotte for their convention is a dog-whistle call to the bigots, or at least a subtle reminder of the party’s core constituency’s stance, or a Troubling Issue that may haunt the 2012 convention. Whatever African-Americans may think, it doesn’t matter; they’re taken for granted. Under the bus is better than the back, right?

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