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H4: 05/30/12 The Aftershow w/Generalissimo Duane

05301204 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 4 – Duane covers some of the audio we didn’t get to earlier on the show, and updates the Tribbles for what may take place at Disney’s California Adventure for the annual radio program/Tribblefest gathering.

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H2: 05/30/12 Ami Horowitz

05301202 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 2 – Hugh talks about the news of the day, then talks with documentarian Ami Horowitz about his new movie opening this Friday, UN Me.

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H1: 05/30/12 Pete Sessions

05301201 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 1 – Hugh originates his show from the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C, and talks politics with NRCC chairman, Congressman Pete Sessions.

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