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H3: 11/16/09 Calls

11160903 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 3 – Hugh finally opens the phone lines to callers weighing in on the news of the weekend – the KSM trial, Obamacare, the presidential bow to Japan, the CPSIA, the Fresno water issue, and more.

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H2: 11/16/09 Ann Northup, Michael Rubin, David Dreier, Rich Lowry

11160902 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 2 – Hugh talks about the CPSIA with Commissioner Ann Northup, Iran-IAEA disputes with AEI scholar Michael Rubin, Congressman Dreier talks about his recent trip to Afghanistan and Pakistan, and Rich Lowry continues to try and explain the inexplicable decision to try terrorist mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in civilian court in New York City with National Review editor Rich Lowry.

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Calm down, man, you’ll burst a vessel

Why read Andrew Sullivan? Well, as the most-principled conservative in the world – a job he got by traducing or disavowing most conservative principles, which made him a Honest Voice to the left – he provides lessons for us all. But there’s another reason. Love this quote:

You realize after a while that they have no principles but the maintenance of their own power and the destruction of their perceived enemies. War for ever indeed – within American and outside it. At any cost. Whatever it takes.

The stern man-on-the-ramparts denunciation of infinite perfidy: pure Sullivan. Who’s the “they”? Neocons! Hsssss! What’s it about? It doesn’t really matter, but in this case it’s the controversy over an Iranian lobbying group. His point gets run through the industrial shredder over at the Weekly Standard; fun times.

No, the quote above is the reason you should read him. Some day he’s going to use the exact same phrase to describe the decision of McDonald’s to reduce the availability window of the Shamrock Shake by two days, or something equally innocuous, and I want to be there.

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