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H3: 11/09/09 Steven Hayward

11090903 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 3 – Hugh spends much of the hour discussing the Reagan legacy to defeat communism and the Soviet threat with Reagan biographer, Steven Hayward.

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H2: 11/09/09 Frank Gaffney

11090902 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 2 – Hugh talks to callers about the strategic move to fund House and Senate candidates, and talks with Center For Security Policy president Frank Gaffney about the Ft. Hood terror attack, and how we’re forgetting how best to defend ourselves from this happening again.

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H1: 11/09/09 Peter Robinson, Chip Hanlon, Andrew McCarthy

11090901 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 1 – Hugh remembers the anniversary of the falling of the Berlin wall with Tear Down This Wall speechwriter, Peter Robinson, talks economic news this week with Chip Hanlon, and updates on what we’re learning about Nidal Hasan with former U.S. attorney Andrew McCarthy.

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Well, this explains it all

Interesting piece in the LA Times – no, really – about a provision in the health care bill that might forbid insurance companies from discriminating against “religious and spiritual healthcare.” That’s nice ‘n’ specific, eh? I give it a year before someone sues to have voodoo included in the benefit package.

Here’s the part that may sum up the problems we face:

Kerry’s spokeswoman, Whitney Smith, disputed that insurers would be forced to cover prayer. Instead, she said, “the amendment would prevent insurers from discriminating against benefits that qualify as spiritual care if the care is recognized by the IRS as a legitimate medical expense.”

The tax department, the church, and the medical profession together at last – with the first determining the legitimacy of the other two.

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