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H4: 07/11/12 The Aftershow w/Generalissimo Duane

07111204 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 4 – Duane takes calls from the Tribbles, and continues to rebut the sad and delusional, but persistent line of attack by the left to try and raise taxes on the top 1 percent of income earners as a means to achieve fairness.

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H3: 07/11/12 Paul Ryan

07111203 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 3 – Guest hosts Mary Katharine Ham and Guy Benson get reaction to the repeal Obamacare vote today in the House of Representatives from Budget Committee Chairman, Paul Ryan.

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H2: 07/11/12 Juan Williams

07111202 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 2 – Guest hosts Guy Benson and Mary Katharine Ham talk about Mitt Romney’s appearnce to the NAACP with Fox News contributor, Juan Williams.

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