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H3: 08/30/10 Nicholas Kristof, Generalissimo Duane, James Lileks, Mitch Berg

08301003 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 3 – From The Minnesota State Fair, Hugh debates Nicholas Kristof about his latest New York Times’ column on the proposed Ground-Zero Mosque. Generalissimo Duane and James Lileks, then, take over the show as Hugh jets back to California. Then Mitch Berg fills in for Lileks as he hunts for some sort of dinner-on-a-stick.

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H2: 08/30/10 Tom Emmer, Col. Allen West, Mitch Berg, James Lileks

08301002 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 2 – From The Minnesota State Fair, Tom Emmer joins Hugh to talk about his gubernatorial candidacy in MN., Col. Allen West, then , tells us how his congressional candidacy in FL. is going. Next, Mitch Berg, of ShotInTheDark.Info, then, discusses MN politics with Hugh. Lileks is back to close out the hour with Hugh and Duane.

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H1: 08/30/10 Rep. John Boehner, Lileks, Rep. Michele Bachmann, Tom Emmer

08301001 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 1 – From The Minnesota State Fair, Rep. John Boehner, talking about the Republicans’ plans if they take the House back in Nov. James Lileks, then, joins Hugh and Duane to take in all things fair and talk politics, Rep. Michele Bachmann gives an update on key Republican districts, and Tom Emmer, gubernatorial candidate in MN wraps up the hour.

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