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Marijuana, Accutane and California’s Prop 19

I wrote a colum for this week on California’s Prop 19, which would legalize possession and use of marijuana in the state.

I did so from the perspective of a lawyer who has been helping past users of Accutane figure out how to proceed with their claims for damages from IBS and Crohn’s etc.

Accutane has turned out to have some very terrible side effects for some users, the sort of effects that would have deterred use had they been known a decade or two ago.

My column asks whether we are confident enough about long term effects of use to unleash dope on the state. The posters at are virulently certain that dope never harmed anyone or anything, which is absurd, but does reflect the passion among the pro-legalization crowd.

What do you think? 20 years from now, will there be a raft of lawsuits aimed at the producers and distributors of marijuana, and will they have the assets to pay the claims?

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