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H3: 04/07/10 Yoni Tidi, John Eastman, Charles Djou, Jede Medefind

04071003 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 3 – Hugh talks about Obama/Israeli relations with Yoni Tidi, legal/Supreme Court issues with California attorney general candidate, John Eastman, replays his interview with Hawaii Congressional candidate Charles Djou, then wraps up with an interview of Jede Medefind on the issue of orphans around the world.

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H2: 04/07/10 Michael Barone, Jim Campbell, Frank Gaffney

04071002 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 2 – Hugh talks with Washington Examiner political pundit Michael Barone about the electoral map this November, then with Jim Campbell of the Alliance Defense Fund about a religious liberties case, then back to Obama’s reckless nuclear policy with Frank Gaffney of the Center For Security Policy.
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H1: 04/07/10 John Cornyn, Charles Djou, Michael Rubin

04071001 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 1 – Hugh talks about electoral prospects in the Senate this November with John Cornyn of Texas, Hawaii Congressional prospects with special election candidate Charles Djou, and what Barack Obama is doing to our nuclear defense posture with Michael Rubin of the American Enterprise Institute.

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About Those Podcasts…

The DSL at our studio just went down. Once bowling is over, I will upload them again from home, so please be patient, and pray I bowl my weight, which would be a very nice score. Be back soon.

Update: The podcasts are there. Thanks for the patience, everybody. BTW, since you asked? The Superduanes Bowling Club won three out of four tonight, which is a month’s worth of production the way we’ve bowled lately. I was my consistently lackluster self – 163, 159, 141. You may resume your HHS downloads. And be sure to visit Duane FM on Sunday nights on your way out, won’t you?

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