Hugh Hewitt Show – 8/29/06 – Hour 2

Michael Barone gave his handicap of some of the key political races this Fall. Then, the subject turned serious with the news of the apparently Muslim driver who went on a crime spree, running over 14 people all over the city of San Francisco.

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Hugh Hewitt Show – 8/29/06 – Hour 3

Much of this hour was covering the story of the driver in San Francisco who intentionally ran over 14 people in a mostly Jewish neighborhood, and the fact that the media was not covering this story.

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Hugh Hewitt Show – 8/28/06 – Hour 2

House Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier and John McIntyre from Real Clear Politics joined Hugh as he spent a lot of time analyzing the political scene now, and if the pundits’ projected loss of seats by the Republicans has any basis in fact.

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Hugh Hewitt Show – 8/25/06 – Hour 1

Hugh was joined in the first hour of the second day broadcasting live from the Minnesota State Fair by Congressman Mark Kennedy, who is running for the open U.S. Senate seat currently held be retiring Mark Dayton. Kennedy was joined by South Dakota Senator John Thune.

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