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Hugh Hewitt Show – 8/10/06 – Hour 2

Guest host Jed Babbin interviewed Gen. Tom Wilkerson from the U.S. Naval Academy on how Israel is or is not prosecuting the war. Later, Jed went on a media rant, and was joined by columnist and humorist extraordinaire, James Lileks.

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Hugh Hewitt Show – 8/10/06 – Hour 3

This hour, Jed Babbin reacted to the stunning audio from Hardball where NBC Nightly News Anchor, Brian Williams, compares American Special Forces, including Army Rangers and Navy SEALs, to homicide bombers.

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Hugh Hewitt Show – 8/11/06 – Hour 1

Guest host Jed Babbin started out on a rant about Brian Williams’ clarification of his comparison of U.S. Special Forces to suicide bombers, and then was joined by Center For Security Policy, discussing the disappointing U.N. resolution, our participation in it, and what is going to happen in the Israel-Hezbollah war.

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Hugh Hewitt Show – 8/11/06 – Hour 2

Morton Kondracke of Roll Call, one of the Fox News Channel Beltway Boys, started out the hour with Jed Babbin. Later on, super economist, Larry Kudlow joined Jed, and then a lot of calls reacting to the Mike Wallace interview of Iran’s Ahmadinejead.

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Hugh Hewitt Show – 8/11/06 – Hour 3

Emmett of the Unblinking Eye joined guest host Jed Babbin with the hour of the movies. This week’s list, in honor of the bad journalism of Mike Wallace and Brian Williams, the top 10 Bad Journalism movies.

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