H4: 05/26/23: Duane and Ed’s Week In Review

Lots of analysis of the impact of Ron DeSantis announcing his bid for the presidency, including media tripping all over themselves for how badly they can falsely report everything about him, and then a conversation about the importance of the Sackett V. EPA decision handed down unanimously by the Supreme Court yesterday.

H3: 05/26/23: Dr. Larry Arnn, News Clips

Hugh continues with the Hillsdale Dialogues, this week, taking a break from Churchill and discussing current political events, with Dr. Larry Arnn, president of Hillsdale College.

H2: 05/26/23: Matt Dolan, Tarzana Joe, Morgan Ortagus, Sarah Bedford

Hugh discusses the news of the morning with Matt Dolan, Ohio State Senator, U.S. Senatorial candidate, Tarzana Joe, HHS poet laureate and author of “It Only Hurts When I Rhyme.” Morgan Ortagus, former spokesperson for the State Department, founder of Polaris National Security, and Sarah Bedford, political and investigative reporter at “Washington Examiner.”

H1: 05/26/23: News Clips, Sonny Bunch, Ben Domenech

Hugh covers the news of the morning with audio clips and talks with Sonny Bunch, culture editor at “The Bulwark” and co-host of the “Bulwark Goes to Hollywood” and “Across the Movie Aisle” podcasts, and Ben Domenech, Editor at Large, “The Spectator.”

H4: 05/25/23: The Aftershow w/Duane Patterson

Duane analyzes the continued reverberations of Ron DeSantis’ entry into the GOP primary field, the ongoing rhetoric around the debt ceiling standoff, and a big Supreme Court victory for property rights.

H1: 05/25/23: News Clips, Mary Katharine Ham, Amb. Michael Oren

Hugh covers the news of the morning with audio clips and talks with Mary Katharine Ham, co-host of the “Getting Hammered” podcast, and Dr. Michael Oren, former Deputy Minister for Diplomacy in the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office.

H4: 05/24/23: The Grand Old Pod

Hugh and Duane tag team the GOP today with the latest news on the campaign trail, with clips from Mike Pence, Kevin McCarthy, Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, and Ron DeSantis.

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