Hugh Hewitt Show – 7/28/06 – Hour 3

Fellow Salem Radio Network host and Townhall.com contributor Michael Medved updated us on the breaking news about the shooting at the Jewish Federation building in Seattle, plus national security and defense expert Frank Gaffney on the Middle East front in the war for the free world.

Hugh Hewitt Show – 7/28/06 – Hour 2

The Bush-Blair press conference was the starting point with the Beltway Boys, Fred Barnes and Morton Kondracke. Uber economist Larry Kudlow also looked at the effect on the economy the trouble in the Middle East. Plus, we started to learn about the terrorist act at a Jewish center in Seattle.

Hugh Hewitt Show – 7/28/06

The Friday program originated from KNUS in Denver, and including an update on the war in the Middle East by Yoni Tidi, plus visits from Congressman and gubernatorial candidate, Bob Beauprez.

Peter Baker V. Hugh Hewitt

Peter Baker, the Washington Post White House correspondent, joined Hugh to discuss media spin and bias when reporting on the war and this president.

Mark Steyn on the Speed of the Changing World

The ever-popular columnist to the world spent a couple of segments commenting on events in the Middle East, Europe, and here in America, and what it means down the road in the war on terror.

H2: 7/26/06 Peter Baker, James Lileks

In the second hour, Hugh dueled with Peter Baker, the Washington Post White House correspondent. Minneapolis Star Tribune columnist and humorist James Lileks rounded out the hour.

H1: 7/26/06 Mark Steyn, Yoni Tidi

The Thursday edition started out with columnist to the world, Mark Steyn, and also featured an update with retired IDF major Yoni Tidi

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