Hugh Hewitt Show – 9/29/06 – Hour 3

Emmett of the Unblinking Eye’s list this week? In honor of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez calling George W. Bush the Devil last week, the top ten devil movies of all time.

Hugh Hewitt Show – 9/29/06 – Hour 2

Morton Kondracke and Charles Krauthammer started the hour discussing the political impact of the week that was, and then a very explosive development in the Colorado governor race, as Congressman Bob Beauprez has discovered a pattern of how his opponent treated legal and illegal aliens accused of felonies while serving as Denver D.A.

Hugh Hewitt Show – 9/28/06 – Hour 3

Caller reaction to the Democrats’ last stand in the Senate today to give the same Constitutional rights to foreign terrorists that citizens enjoy, plus a parody of what Bill Parcells would sound like if he were the White House press secretary.

Hugh Hewitt Show – 9/28/06 – Hour 2

More reaction to the Leahy audio, plus audio from a lot of other Senate Democrats today. Columnist and humorist James Lileks also dropped by.

Hugh Hewitt Show – 9/28/06 – Hour 1

Columnist to the world, Mark Steyn, called in from LaGuardia Airport on his way back from a day trip to Guantanamo Bay. The rest of the hour was devoted to playing a stunning speech on the floor of the Senate by Pat Leahy of Vermont, and getting caller reaction to it.

Hugh Hewitt Show – 9/27/06 – Hour 2

Fine arts professor, David Allen White, joined Hugh to discuss the German production of Mozart’s Idomeneo which has caused so much controversy, plus Frank Gaffney from the Center For Security Policy on the President’s legislation on detainee treatment.

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