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H4: 10/20/23: Duane and Ed’s Week In Review

Still only one still this week, when you boil down all of the tangents to it, and that’s the massacre in Israel by radical Islamists, Nazis and terrorists, and its acceptance, celebration, and promotion in far too many places in Western press, politics, and academia.

H4: 10/17/23: The Aftershow w/Duane Patterson

Duane and former Congressman John Campbell cover the ongoing developments over the war in Israel with Nazi Hamas, the latest in the GOP House Speaker race, California news, and word that the Sweet Meteor of Death may in fact be headed to Earth.

H4: 10/13/23: Duane and Ed’s Week In Review

Another week where there’s really only one story in the news, and the story is as horrific as any we’ve ever witnessed. The ancient evil returned with a vengeance as Hamas terrorists took on the role as modern day Nazis in their quest to eradicate Jews in their homes. We cover the news, how the news is covering the news, and how anti-Semitism has grown to an astonishing level among Democrats and at elite colleges and universities.

H4: 10/12/23: The Aftershow w/Duane Patterson

Duane covers the latest from the war in Israel after more is learned about the depravity of the attacks by Hamas terrorists, plus evolving, but incoherent policy changes at the White House, and how the GOP presidential field is treating the crisis.

H4: 10/11/23: The Grand Old Pod: News Clips

Hugh covers the Republican news of the morning with clips from 2024 Presidential candidates, with a longer clip of Florida Governor Ron DeDantis discussing Israel and Gaza with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

H4: 10/06/23: Duane and Ed’s Week In Review

Duane and Ed Morrissey of dive into really the only story of the week, which is Matt Gaetz and 7 other recalcitrant “Republicans” torpedoing their own majority by voting with Democrats to remove Speaker Kevin McCarthy, throwing the House of Representatives into unprecedented chaos. Oh, and Joe Biden caving on border wall construction. And maybe another story we should focusing on, were it not for stupid members of Congress throwing a tantrum.

H4: 10/05/23: The Aftershow w/Duane Patterson

Duane rants against the ongoing stupidity within the Knucklehead 8 caucus in the House GOP, and some of the other stories we would be talking about if Matt Gaetz weren’t a total nihilist and a creep.

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