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A Sorta Visual Tour Of The Reagan Ranch House

Besides the fact there’s no sound and I’m giving a tour of the house to my Mac Air, it’s just fine. Lots of fun stuff in that house. All of the books were some of Reagan’s favorite books. The house is adobe, so it did not have central air or heating. It stays cool during the summer, and Nancy usually preferred the house at 80 degrees anyway, so it wasn’t uncommon to see both fireplaces going in the summer. The Reagan’s bed? It’s two twin beds, and if you look at where the headboards meet, they’re tied together with white zipcords. That’s a Ronald Reagan repair special. You can also tell which side the Gipper slept – The monogram on the comforter, and the dressing table at the foot of the bed on one side. Reagan was 6′ 2″, and his feet hung over.

Oh, and the bumper pool table? No one in the Reagan family can remember anyone ever playing bumper pool ever. What it was used for was to put a cardboard top on it during Thanksgiving to cut up and serve the turkey. And yes, it didn’t matter about the color of the jelly beans. Reagan ate any flavor, including the black ones.

Lastly, the head of the bull in the family room up on the wall? It was featured in one of Reagan’s first films, and he loved that animal enough he took it home as a pet.

So here you go.

The Moods Of Sunday Night

Frequent viewers of Hughnivision know him as Mr. Countdown, the voice that says, “The Hugh Hewitt Show will return in two minutes and forty-five seconds,” and so on during the breaks. His name is Anthony Ochoa, and not only does he have a pretty good announcer voice, he’s also a very capable engineer, and like me, a disc jockey who longs for the days when disc jockeys could be disc jockeys and actually make money.

On many of Salem’s religious programmed stations, there is a period of time between Sunday night and Monday morning when there is a gap between the paid infomercial programs, and when the weekday shows pick back up. Anthony has been occasionally doing a show called The Moods Of Sunday Night to help fill that gap. And being Christmas Eve and Day and all, and me being in the Christmas giving spirit, I thought I’d include a couple of his Christmas shows.

They’ll air on the 24/7 Duane FM channel at 9pm eastern, 6pm pacific, on Saturday, Christmas Eve, and Sunday, Christmas night.

Merry Christmas, everybody, from Anthony, me, Hugh, Adam, Pops and all of us in the Hughniverse.

What Will Be Obama’s October Surprise(s)?

Over at this week, Jim Geraghty interviewed his famous but anonymous GOP operative, known to readers as Obi-Wan. OW has been remarkably on point with most of his predictions over the years, and now he points to what he expects will be a string of “October surprises” from the White House as desperate Democrats try anything to stop the electoral tsunami heading their way.

What do you think is up the Chicago gangs’ many sleeves?

The GZM Mosque

This debate went from near-zero to 60 this week, an it will no doubt be a subject of highly contentious back-and-forth for as long as the plan is still on the drawing boards.

Yesterday Mayor Bloomberg added to his long list of inane statements on the subject with this mother-of-all-straw-men arguments:

“People say, ‘Well, you know, do they have the money? Can they raise the money? Where does it come from?’ I don’t know,” said the mayor, a staunch defender of the proposed center, on his weekly radio show.

“Do you really want every time they pass the basket in your church and you throw a buck in, they run over and say, ‘OK, now, you know, where do you come from? Who are your parents? Where did you get this money?’ No,” he said.

“A handful of people,” he concluded, “ought to be ashamed of themselves.”

So, what do you think? Will the effort to stop the mosque be as successful as other battlefield preservation efforts outside of Manassas, Antietam, Gettysburg and Valley Forge?

Or will Mayor Bloomberg and the false arguments about what land use authroties can and cannot do in light of the Free Exercise Clause triumph?

Marijuana, Accutane and California’s Prop 19

I wrote a colum for this week on California’s Prop 19, which would legalize possession and use of marijuana in the state.

I did so from the perspective of a lawyer who has been helping past users of Accutane figure out how to proceed with their claims for damages from IBS and Crohn’s etc.

Accutane has turned out to have some very terrible side effects for some users, the sort of effects that would have deterred use had they been known a decade or two ago.

My column asks whether we are confident enough about long term effects of use to unleash dope on the state. The posters at are virulently certain that dope never harmed anyone or anything, which is absurd, but does reflect the passion among the pro-legalization crowd.

What do you think? 20 years from now, will there be a raft of lawsuits aimed at the producers and distributors of marijuana, and will they have the assets to pay the claims?

Which of the Senate Races Will You/Have You Supported, And How?

Over at I have listed the 15 Senate races in which the GOP candidate must triumph in order for the Senate to shift control to the Republicans. I am curious which race, if any, Hughniverse members have thrown in with and how.

Do You Believe The Sestak Story?

OK Hughniversians, what say you about the Sestak cover story? Perfectly arranged to avoid any charge of criminality, and using Bill Clinton as the cut-out, just brilliant.

Now, what about the job offer to Andrew Romanoff in Colorado? Did Clinton carry that offer as well?

About Those Podcasts…

The DSL at our studio just went down. Once bowling is over, I will upload them again from home, so please be patient, and pray I bowl my weight, which would be a very nice score. Be back soon.

Update: The podcasts are there. Thanks for the patience, everybody. BTW, since you asked? The Superduanes Bowling Club won three out of four tonight, which is a month’s worth of production the way we’ve bowled lately. I was my consistently lackluster self – 163, 159, 141. You may resume your HHS downloads. And be sure to visit Duane FM on Sunday nights on your way out, won’t you?

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