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H3: 7/30/06 Rep. David Dreier, Rep. John Campbell

House Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier and Congressman John Campbell joined Hugh to update on the activities in the House last week, including estate tax cuts as part of the minimum wage increase, and the prospects of getting it through the Senate.

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H2: 07/30/06 Robert Ferrigno

Prayers For The Assassin author Robert Ferrigno joined Hugh to look at the prospects of August 22nd, and what that might mean to Mahmoud Ahmadinejead of Iran, and the rest of the Middle East.

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H1: 07/30/06 Yoni Tidi, Sen. Jon Kyl

On the Monday edition, Hugh recapped how screwed up his weekend was, thanks to United Airlines, and got a Middle East update from Yoni Tidi. Also, Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona joined Hugh to give an update on the judicial nominations agenda.

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Hugh Hewitt Show – 7/28/06 – Hour 3

Fellow Salem Radio Network host and contributor Michael Medved updated us on the breaking news about the shooting at the Jewish Federation building in Seattle, plus national security and defense expert Frank Gaffney on the Middle East front in the war for the free world.

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Hugh Hewitt Show – 7/28/06 – Hour 2

The Bush-Blair press conference was the starting point with the Beltway Boys, Fred Barnes and Morton Kondracke. Uber economist Larry Kudlow also looked at the effect on the economy the trouble in the Middle East. Plus, we started to learn about the terrorist act at a Jewish center in Seattle.

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Hugh Hewitt Show – 7/28/06

The Friday program originated from KNUS in Denver, and including an update on the war in the Middle East by Yoni Tidi, plus visits from Congressman and gubernatorial candidate, Bob Beauprez.

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