H4: 06/30/23: Duane and Ed’s Week In Review

Duane and Ed Morrissey of HotAir.com cover a few big stories of the week, but mostly focus on the only real big story, which is the three huge end of term decisions handed down by the Supreme Court.

H3: 06/30/23: Dr. Larry Arnn

Hugh continues with the Hillsdale Dialogues, joined by Dr. Larry Arnn, president of Hillsdale College, this week, continuing with a series on Winton Churchill’s “The World Crisis, Vol. 1.”

H2: 06/30/23: Ben Domenech, Callers, Sarah Bedford

Hugh covers the news of the morning and talks with Ben Domenech, Editor at Large at “The Spectator,” callers, and Sarah Bedford, political and investigative reporter at “Washington Examiner.”

H1: 06/30/23: News Clips, Callers, Sonny Bunch, Tarzana Joe

Hugh covers the news of the morning with audio clips and talks with callers, Sonny Bunch, culture editor at “The Bulwark” and co-host of the “Bulwark Goes to Hollywood” and “Across the Movie Aisle” podcasts, and Tarzana Joe, HHS poet laureate and author of “The 2nd Best of Tarzana Joe.”

H4: 06/29/23: The Aftershow w/Duane Patterson

After another edition of the Magnificent Seven with James Lileks, Duane covers the breaking news that affirmative action is dead in America after the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 to end race-based college admissions.

H3: 06/29/23: Amb. Nikki Haley, News Clips, Callers

Hugh covers the news of the morning with audio clips and talks with Nikki Haley, former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, author of “If You Want Something Done,” 2024 Presidential candidate, and callers.

H1: 06/29/23: Clips, Amb. Michael Oren

Hugh covers the news of the morning with audio clips and talks with Dr. Michael Oren, former Deputy Minister for Diplomacy in the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, author of “2048: The Rejuvenated State.”

H4: 06/28/23: The Grand Old Pod

Duane Patterson fills in for Hugh today and covers the continuing tail effect of Hugh’s interview with Miami Mayor Francis Suarez Tuesday, plus Joe Biden’s problematic speech in Chicago today, and news from the 2024 GOP presidential campaign front.

H3: 06/28/23: Jim Geraghty, Rep. Mike Waltz, Hank Adler

Hugh discusses the news of the morning with Jim Geraghty, senior political correspondent at “National Review,” and Florida Congressman Mike Waltz, member of the U.S. House Armed Services Committee. Hank Adler, Chapman University Associate Professor of Accounting.

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