H3: 04/30/21: Dr. Larry Arnn

Hugh continues with the Hillsdale Dialogues, joined by Dr. Larry Arnn, president of Hillsdale College, this week, discussing 1787’s Northwest Ordinance.

H2: 04/30/21: Fmr. Jim Talent, Audio Clips, Seung Min Kim

Hugh covers the news of the morning with audio clips and talks with former Missouri Senator Jim Talent, columnist for NRO’s “The Corner,” and Seung Min Kim, White House reporter for “The Washington Post.”

H1: 04/30/21: Audio Clips, Sonny Bunch, Tarzana Joe

Hugh covers the news of the morning and talks with Sonny Bunch, co-host of the podcast, “Across the Movie Aisle,” and Tarzana Joe, HHS poet laureate and author of, “It Only Hurts When I Rhyme.”

H1: 04/29/21: News, Sen. Tim Scott Audio, Amb. Michael Oren

Hugh covers the news of the morning with audio clips and talks with Dr. Michael Oren, former Deputy Minister for Diplomacy in the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office and author of, the forthcoming, “To All Who Call in Truth.”

H4: 04/28/21: The Aftershow w/Duane Patterson

Duane and HotAir.com’s Ed Morrissey cover all the news and video of the last few days leading up to Joe Biden’s first joint address to Congress as president.

H3: 04/28/21: Sen. Dan Sullivan, Audio Clips, Joby Warrick

Hugh discusses the news of the morning with Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan, member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and Joby Warrick, author of “Red Line: The Unraveling of Syria and America’s Race to Destroy the Most Dangerous Arsenal in the World.”

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