H3: 09/29/17: Victor Davis Hanson

09291703 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 3 – Hugh continues with the Hillsdale Dialogues, this week, joined by Victor Davis Hanson, Distinguished Fellow in History at Hillsdale College and the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow in Residence in Classics and Military History at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.

H2: 09/29/17: Audio Clips, Tarzana Joe, John Dickerson, Sonny Bunch

09291702 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 2 – Hugh discusses the news of the morning with audio clips, and then, talks with Tarzana Joe, HHS poet laureate, John Dickerson, host of CBS’ Face the Nation and Political Director of CBS News, and Sonny Bunch, film critic and executive editor at the Washington Free Beacon.

H1: 09/28/17: Audio Clips, David Drucker

09281701 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 1 – Hugh covers the news of the morning with audio clips and talks with David M. Drucker, HHS guest host, Washington Examiner Senior Political Correspondent and CNN Political Analyst.

H3: 09/27/17: Sen. David Perdue, Stephanie Ruhle, Greg Laurie, Niall Stanage

09271703 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 3 – Hugh discusses the news of the morning with Louisiana Senator David Perdue, Stephanie Ruhle, MSNBC anchor and NBC News correspondent, Greg Laurie, Senior Pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship, writer and producer of the film, Steve McQueen: American Icon, and Niall Stanage, White House columnist for The Hill. (Hugh’s podcast, On Background, continues his conversation with Niall Stanage over at HughHewitt.com).

H2: 09/27/17: Dir. Marc Short, Rep. Mike Gallagher, Tim Alberta

09271702 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 2 – Hugh discusses the news of the morning with Marc Short, White House Director of Legislative Affairs, Wisconsin Congressman Mike Gallagher, and Tim Alberta, Politico Magazine national political reporter.

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