Hugh Hewitt Show – 10/09/06 – Hour 2

Lots of experts discussed the latest developments out of North Korea. Military documentarian Robert Kaplan, author of a great article in the Atlantic Monthly on North Korea, started the hour with Hugh. He was followed by retired Army Colonel Austin Bay, House Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier, and Foundation For the Defense of Democracies Fellow, Claudia Rosett.

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Hugh Hewitt Show – 10/06/06 – Hour 1

This hour featured a long-form interview with Minneapolis Start Tribune reporter and blogger, Eric Black. Eric’s coverage of the Patty Wetterling campaign ad this week in Minnesota’s 6th Congressional district was the subject of much controversy, and part of it included Mr. Black’s coverage of the story.

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Hugh Hewitt Show – 10/06/06 – Hour 2

Fox News contributors Morton Kondracke and Bill Sammon started the hour discussing the fallout and impact of Foleygate. Ohio gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell joined Hugh, as did Colorado gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez. And Congressman John Campbell rounded out the hour.

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Hugh Hewitt Show – 10/05/06 – Hour 1 & 3

Columnist to the world, Mark Steyn started the show on the silly reaction to Foleygate by the Democrats and Republicans for that matter. Minnesota Congressional candidate, Michele Bachmann, whose opponent ran an outrageous ad on the Foley scandal in her district yesterday, fought back hard. Wrapping up the hour was Republican National Committee Chairman, Ken Mehlman.

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Hugh Hewitt Show – 10/05/06 – Hour 2

Retired JAG officer, Captain Brian Rooney, also the grandson of the Pittsburgh Steeler Rooney family, joined Hugh in studio. Later in the hour, Hugh and regular Thursday guest James Lileks crossed swords a bit over Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter Eric Black’s treatment, or non-treatment, of the false Patty Wetterling ad.

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