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    • Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson On POTUS, Hillary August 29, 2014
      Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson completed Badger week today, talking with me about President Obama’s presser today and Hillary’s memoir. Audio of interview: 08-28hhs-johnson Transcript of interview: HH: Pleased to welcome on Badger week when we’ve had Paul Ryan, Reince Priebus and Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s great Senator, Ron Johnson. Senator Johnson, […]
    • Scott Walker On His Re-election and MSM Throwing In With His Opponents August 28, 2014
      Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker has had a wildly successful first term by any reasonable measure made by any reasonable man or woman, but that just makes his defeated political opponents and their allies in MSM all the angrier.  He was my guest on today’s show, and while we went over the details of Wisconsin’s great turnaround during his tenure and because […]