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H3: 04/16/21: Dr. Larry Arnn, Dr. Kevin Slack

Hugh continues with the Hillsdale Dialogues, joined by Dr. Larry Arnn, president of Hillsdale College, and Dr. Kevin Slack, Associate Professor of Politics at Hillsdale, this week, continuing a discussion on Benjamin Franklin.

H1: 04/16/21: News, Sonny Bunch, Tarzana Joe

Hugh covers the news of the morning and talks with Sonny Bunch, co-host of the podcast, “Across the Movie Aisle,” and Tarzana Joe, HHS poet laureate and author of, “The 2nd Best of Tarzana Joe.”

H3: 04/15/21: Rep. Steve Scalise, Karen Tumulty

Hugh discusses the news of the morning with Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise, House minority whip, and Karen Tumulty, columnist for “The Washington Post,” author of “The Triumph of Nancy Reagan.”

H2: 04/15/21: Seung Min Kim, Sen. Marsha Blackburn, Fmr. Sen. Jim Talent

Hugh covers the news of the morning with audio clips and talks with Seung Min Kim, White House reporter for “The Washington Post,” Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn, member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and former Missouri Senator Jim Talent, columnist for NRO’s “The Corner.”

H1: 04/15/21: News, Audio Clips, Amb. Michael Oren

Hugh covers the news of the morning with audio clips and talks with Dr. Michael Oren, former Deputy Minister for Diplomacy in the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office and author of “The Night Archer: and Other Stories.”

H3: 04/14/21: Michael Shear, Audio Clips, Callers, Adm. William McRaven

Hugh covers the news of the morning and with audio clips and talks with, Michael Shear, White House correspondent for “The New York Times,” callers, and Admiral William McRaven, U.S. Navy (ret.), author of “The Hero Code: Lessons Learned from Lives Well Lived.”

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