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Anniversary Show Help

As many listeners of the Hugh Hewitt Show may know, July 10 serves as a special holiday for us each year. Not only is it the wedding anniversary of Hugh and the Fetching Mrs. Hewitt, it’s also the first day of the Hugh Hewitt Show.

This coming July 10 is extra special, as it will be the 10th anniversary of radio. With all of the serious and silly moments of the show, and with such a skeleton staff we have of interns, what to play back that day for highlights seems a monumental task. So we’re asking you for help. You all, just by being subscribers, are the most loyal of listeners or readers of the blog, so we really value your input here. What moments of the show would you include for the anniversary show? What was your favorite show/guest/call?

If you kinda remember the time of year and what year, that helps. But if not, we’ll task the interns. But here’s your chance to help produce radio. Make your suggestions known in the comment box below. Thanks.

A Czar For Haitian Relief and Immigration?

Over at I have posted on the need for President Obama to appoint a “czar” to coordinate and deploy American relief, assist in the re-establishment of civil authority, and to decide the many issues of Haitian-to-US emergency immigration, such as the plight of orphas with families waiting to take them in.

I suggested Jeb Bush or Rick Santorum for such a post. Your thoughts?

January 10, 2010 Open Thread

I posted the latest poll from Massachusetts which shows Scott Brown ahead by a point? Predictions about the last ten days of the campaign?

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