H4: 12/20/12: The Aftershow w/Generalissimo Duane

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12201204 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 4 – Duane takes calls from Tribbles.


19 Responses to “H4: 12/20/12: The Aftershow w/Generalissimo Duane”
  1. Kerry Davis says:

    I don’t see where the gogetfunding thing was posted either on hughniverse or hughhewitt.com

  2. Kerry Davis says:

    There are some really good tribbles out there. Last night the donor count was 10 and total amount $390. Now the donors are 13 and total $900. Which means 3 people gave a total of $510. That’s really something!

  3. bumsteaddithers says:

    Speaking of the Afterthought, what the heck? Are we having to learn another download system.

    Somebody has something against Mark Steyn’s interviews. For the last two weeks it wasn’t downloading.

    • bumsteaddithers says:

      Well, downloading episodes two or three times ought to make the counter natives like the extra downloads.

    • Kerry Davis says:

      I don’t know about anyone else, but I haven’t noticed any changes or had any problems with iTunes.

      • bumsteaddithers says:

        Never said anything about itunes. I-tunes goes to my smart phone into a browser that is not user friendly. There is no skip ahead or fall behind options like some on the other podcatchers.

        I have transferred to beyondpod now and is working swimmingly. Episodes download automatically now and they did on my now defunct (thanks to hughniverse quit working) previous podcatcher.

  4. Kerry Davis says:

    Donor 14 kicked in $100, making the total an even $1,000 now. Yippee!

  5. Kerry Davis says:

    $500 from donor 15!

  6. Kerry Davis says:

    I’m not seeing anything else yet, so allow me to point out here that the url is


  7. WC Windbag says:

    Duane, I just played your comments for the kids. They are both very excited to share their songs with all of Tribbletown. They just did not like my nicknames I gave them. Audrey wants to be “WCFLower”, and Henry (always the Pokemon fan) wants to be called “WCMagikarp Man”. Don’t mind them, but they are just used to ruling the roost… or at least they think the do! :-)

  8. bumsteaddithers says:

    Hugh caught onto the essential Guy Benson in his last smackdown. Guy is indeed going all Beltway and seems to be devolving into Beltway is the Answer mentality.

    As a former promoter of Guy, I, too, see the ugliness that is becoming Guy. It is like the precious ring.

    He either needs to get a more positive gig or find a job more suited to his extraordinary talents. I was thinking of his former love- sports. I hate to see what he is turning into.

    • bumsteaddithers says:

      I feel I should elaborate on Guy. He doesn’t seem to having fun anymore. The exchange with Hugh was just one aspect. I hardly listen to him anymore nor read his writing. I keep thinking he should get a job and learn how the world turns.

      For the record, I am on Guy’s side and John Campbell’s side on the Plan B vote. It should have been done, but I am not losing sleep over it.

      Besides, I would take the opinion of a USC grad over a Ohio native or a Pittsburgh fan any day of the week.

  9. zzz Voter says:

    Spending the day of Christmas Eve listening to old Hugh shows with John Boehner (8/30/10 H1) and the ‘tax deal compromise of 2010′ (12/6-7/10). Sometimes you just need a reminder that Boehner was never a particularly strong leader or good negotiator.


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