H4: 12/07/12: The Aftershow w/Generalissimo Duane & Lileks

12071204 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 4 – Duane and James Lileks go through some audio cuts.


  1. bumsteaddithers says

    A couple of thoughts after pondering and dithering over the weekend.

    If the so-called Syrian rebels are successful in deposing Assad, and I think it is a foregone conclusion, doesn’t that mean Israel will be surround by the radical Muslim Bros? Can we use the analogy so common used in the Arab region, “an enemy of my enemy is my friend” with respect to Assad (as disgusting as that sounds)? Isn’t it better to have the radicals fighting themselves?

    Morsi, Erdogan and Aquavelvajad are all competing to lead the Arab world. How can we push them to fight each other instead of Israel? It’s tough because it is so easy to divert hate to the Israelis.

    Next, as for boycotting Google, Hugh, if that is what you want, why do you ask your callers and listeners to “google” a phrase or organization, like the National Republican Lawyers Association? Hmmm.

  2. bumsteaddithers says

    Oh yeah. Now I remember my big ticket.

    This past election was in the Democrat wheelhouse- internal economics/social issues. They win all the time. It just so happens that you can’t outvote Santa Claus.

    Republicans thought they had the perfect antidote- a failing economy. They pursued that to their hearts’ content and lost.

    Instead, Republicans ignored their own wheelhouse- foreign policy- and went after the economy like it was theirs.

    Republicans need to get a grip and stand up for their winning issues- national defense and foreign policy. Challenging the Democrats on their own turf is a loser all the time.

    Mixing it up is fine but they have to get that foreign policy mantle. It was abandoned after Bush and never recovered. When Romney lost in ’08, he was always deferring to McCain and this time, he chose to ignore it.

    You can’t. The false sense of invincibility was started by the Tea Party success but you just can’t ignore foreign policy.

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