H4: 12/04/12: The Aftershow w/ Generalissimo Duane

12041204 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 4 – Duane plays a ton of audio clips, some including video.


  1. littlefirefly says

    Amazing this Carney person, he’s beginning to fit his name. They won! But we all lose! I think Republicans are going to fail us and Obama will say he fixed the tax cuts for the middle class and it is all our fault. Can’t we see the writing on the wall? When Obama sees Boehner getting rid of conservative Republicans out of leadership, what does he think?
    Boehner is feeding right into Harry Reid’s aka(Gollum’s)hands. We have been putting up with gentlemanly Republicans for 15 years. Please, I just do not think they believe in the free market enough to promote it!!

    • Duane Patterson says

      you have to take it. that means you have to win the white house and reverse the damage. and you have to win back the senate. there is no magic short cut. i wish there were. but our party has been fighting using marquis of queensbury rules against the democrats who are street brawlers who fight dirty.

      • Tim Newport says

        If the Dems were down to one dogcatcher and a traffic court judge, they could tie us in knots for at least 4 years. We’re like an army that can never fight until it gets still more reinforcements…Name anyone in our leadership, including Mitt, who hasn’t fought harder and meaner against fellow Republicans than against Democrats. Now find me one Democrat about whom you can say the same thing…

  2. bumsteaddithers says

    Along the same lines, why can’t Mitt help out? Just because he lost the race doesn’t mean he can’t be an effective leader in public.

    I say call on Mitt. I would also wish Obama would use Mitt for a position.

    If the goal is to better the country, why not use the best people?

    If the goal is to beat the other guy in politics rather than improve the country, then I say don’t use Mitt.

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