H2: 11/27/12: Joy Reid, Carrie Gordon Earll

11271202 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 2 – This hour, Hugh talks with lefty MSNBC pundit, Joy Reid about Obama’s agenda for the next 4 years. Then, Hugh talks with Carrie Gordon Earll of CitizenLink.com about the pro-life plank of the Republican platform.


  1. Kerry Davis says

    What “unemployment rate” does Joy Reid want to go by? The current cooked one of around 8%, which is based on the lowest workforce participation in years and would be more like 15% if calculated on the same workforce participation when Obama took office?

    It’s more lefty claptrap. We could have an “unemployment rate” of 0% if everyone currently without a job, stopped looking for a job!

  2. Les Rankins says

    Joy Reid seems to be a nice, charming lady who has no idea how the world works. Unfortunately more than 50% of Americans agree with her and that means that all these stupid policies will continue until there is no turning back.

    California voters have decided to put a stake through the heart of their economy and so did the national electorate.

  3. Michael Todd says

    I’m always in shock when I hear a liberal like Ms Reid lay it all out. I guess I don’t want to believe there are people from Harvard that are really that clueless.

  4. bumsteaddithers says

    Hugh, I hope you can have her back. For an initial interview, she sounded like she could think on her feet, but this one was your intro. Usually, you are good at intros.

    Then, I noticed she was trying the Tapper defense. There are always sides to every situation and sometimes more than two. Because there are more than one, then(she) can make any conclusion and opinion she wants because she sees both sides. Like Tapper, chameleon-like.

    Still, better than nothing and nice to see more variety.

    I would like, though, to understand the mind that says just because you want alternate energy (solar, wind come to mind) and you spend money at it, it will work. Facts can be frustrating- Solyndra, et al should be monumental successes in that case.

    It is my opinion, research put into practice at a small scale and over a long time is more cost-effective than throwing money at a project without having the expertise and even science to get it to work.

    Then, you can ask about ‘rare earth minerals’ which are needed to run these things and the Chinese have control of 95% of the world’s supply. How does that work out for you?

    Then there is one of my biggest buggaboos- abortion. I can sort of/not quite go along with the Clinton model- make it rare. Now, I don’t see how liberals can talk about abortion in such a clinical/unfeeling manner. They make it sound to me like something less serious than getting a new filling on the teeth.

    I got the above feeling when she was talking about alternative energy as if it were plug-and-play.

    I also think if she comes on again and you do get specific, she will obfuscate and filibuster. I may be wrong and that is why I suggested you get her back on the show.

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