H4: 11/08/12: Aftershow w/Generalissimo Duane

11081204 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 4 – Duane plays a few clips and lets Tribbles call in to vent about the election.


  1. Kerry Davis says

    If Republicans go around making speeches in Spanish, the Spanish-language media can still just report what they say in English and translate to suit themselves.

    Also, if you tell Mexican people that illegal immigration for us is like if someone climbed over their wall and set up camp, they can say “What do you mean, you call us CRIMINALS?”

    So in both cases, your theory of speaking directly to them, doesn’t work. It’s more of a cultural problem and they’re not likely to accept it as long as they continue to isolate themselves linguistically. In other words, the language problem is just one more symptom, not the problem itself.

    Also, when do you start telling prospective candidates to learn Ebonics?

      • Kerry Davis says

        As I replied to jmmar65 under H1, The Republican Party still needs to be presenting the mature message, but there’s no sense kidding ourselves that a lot of spoiled people will take it seriously as long as the other side is doling out goodies, until that actually proves to be a dead end.

        It takes a pretty serious maturity to “go for it” or “bust your ass” as Dennis Miller puts it, when someone is offering to do it all FOR you, especially for people who may have grown up in a family where that was already happening and may have been the pattern for generations already.

        A “kinder and gentler” type of “you have to do it yourself!” message, even in Spanish or Ebonics for that matter, will remain a hard sell as long as the teat is RIGHT THERE. Especially as long as the “education” system tells children from the start that they DON’T have to do it themselves. And that nobody will “judge” them even if they just don’t want to bother trying.

      • Kerry Davis says

        It’s also been clear for a long time that many Dems vote Dem just because they always have, and/or their parents did, etc etc. Those people are impervious to logic, argument, reason… For those kinds of people it may be that the only way to change them is to let the Dem policies fail, BADLY, even at admittedly great – but not fatal – cost to the country, so that the very thought of “voting Democrat” becomes as unthinkable as “voting Republican” is to some people now.

        Continually trying to “compromise” doesn’t ever really fix the problem, it just draws things out.

        “The Democrat voter cannot be bargained with, cannot be reasoned with, it does not feel compassion, or fear, and it absolutely WILL NOT STOP, until WE are DOOMED.”

      • Lee Wright says

        There is no answer, you still don’t get it. We are toast! The US of the past is TOAST. It is done, you can keep telling yourself that it is not but it is no more true than the nonsense that was spouted for the past months that the polls over-sampled Democrats. Keep denying it – it will NOT CHANGE the fact.

      • littlefirefly says

        You’re right Dwayne, we must do outreach. Hispanics are usually family oriented and conservative naturally. Do you remember when the lady from Univision was asking Barack about Fast and Furious? She had more guts than our press. There is hope.

  2. bumsteaddithers says

    Once Obamacare gets officially on the books and people use it, it can never be removed- just like Social Security and other Christmas gifts.

    I had always hoped America would take the easy route and just vote socialism down before it took root. But no, that couldn’t happen. America has to hit bottom before it digs itself out, and by golly, it will. It will just take longer.

    There is no silver lining, but people will be people and sometimes they think like Missouri mules and have to get kicked in the rear before they understand.

    America will get it. It is still the greatest country on the earth. I am not selling it short. Just worried it will take longer, is all.

    • Kerry Davis says

      Obamacare is self-removing, it will collapse under its own weight. A lot of people no doubt think it’s a great thing and will WANT TO use it, but once it really gets going the demands will quickly outpace supply and people will not be able to get what they want from it.

      • littlefirefly says

        Dear Kerry Davis, The problem is by the time people figure out that Obamacare is going to be like the folks waiting for Fema help from Sandy, the doctors will be gone and so will all the health care vendors. They’ll be out of business. Good luck getting an electric wheel chair.

        • Kerry Davis says

          That’s certainly a risk, and my brother is a doctor so I have some more direct inputs than a lot of people have. But if we keep ‘compromising’ or even somehow blocking them outright, they’ll keep attacking and attacking while complaining that we’re just MEAN and BIGOTED and stuff for not letting “the poor” and “the children” etc have “the RIGHT to FREE (actually paid for by everyone else) health care.”

          But if people get a chance to see it fail with their own eyes, we might at least be able to put that argument to rest for a little while, maybe even a generation or two. Similar to what happened with Carter, 40 years ago now.

  3. bumsteaddithers says

    I think it was Keith who was talking on the show. I suggest you google ‘stem cell and ms’ and see what it comes up with. I know I did with my lung issues. It was very encouraging and enlightening.

    I went so far as to get costs of infusio. The cost for my two week stay was ‘manageable’ and would be worth it even if the treatment was not going to be successful. My skype call with infusio was great and Phil was very confident it would work. So, I am awaiting them sending me stuff to sign-up. Maybe we can meetup over there.

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