H3: 11/06/12: SRN Election Night Special

11061203 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 3 – Hugh hosts the SRN Election Night Special with in-studio guests; James Lileks, Guy P. Benson, Ed Morrissey, and Andrew Malcolm. This hour, Michael Medved and Jennifer Rubin call in.


  1. Lee Wright says

    Well, you guys sucked me in again – I really thought there was a real possibility. This time, however, I have learned my lesson, I will not be sucked in my Hugh Hewitt’s irrational optimism again. For days and days I have been going against reason because each day, after I had read everything else and felt despair, I listened to this program and you guys made it seem possible. Nevermore . . . I won’t be fooled again! Obviously I wanted it to be true so it is ultimately my own fault but this program was my enabler. The lazy people have won in America and we are now destined to follow the descent into mediocrity that has befallen the great nations of the past. I’m done with it. It is beyond salvation.

    • Kerry Davis says

      I was not going to be surprised or even really disappointed by either outcome, since I’ve understood for many years now that the majority of people have an IQ of 100 or less, by definition.

      What I did know, though, is that if Obama won it longest-term wouldn’t matter because what he wants to do is simply impossible by the numbers. No matter how many people vote themselves goodies from trillion-dollar deficits, it can’t work. Even if there were no “shrugging” from the productive people, which I expect there will be now, it’s simply unsustainable.

      So even if the voters have shown they won’t control their appetites on their own, the appetites will be controlled nevertheless by outside factors of reality. Just ask Greece, Italy, Spain, etc.

      • Lee Wright says

        Yeah, but who will bale the US out? There is no one big enough. We’re screwed and I am sick of false hope and false optimism that keeps me from realizing it. The tea party shot its wad in 2010 and doesn’t have anything left. We have succumbed, alas.

        By the way Hugh, Guy Benson turns out to have been the one who saw it coming – for all your chiding him for being the Eeyore. At least he is realistic.

        • Kerry Davis says

          I never thought anyone COULD or WOULD bail US out. But ultimately, as I indicated before, it doesn’t matter how popular Obama and his goals are. They are simply unattainable. The only real question was, how bad would things get in working that out?

          What we see in the election results is that it will be much worse because there are a lot of noisy people who simply will not accept anything less than even a trifling automatic increase in Social Security benefits of less than 2% next year. But because the noisy people wouldn’t vote to accept maybe a 2% “cut” they’ll end up being forced to accept a 20%, or 50%, or maybe even 100% cut when the money runs out.

          Looks like they will get what they deserve. The unfortunate part is, a lot of the rest of us will also get what THEY deserve, NOT what WE deserve.

          I think I actually look forward to the great suffering to come for those who refused to possibly – and that’s just POSSIBLY – accept a little less now. In an economy the size of ours – or at least the size we USED TO have – just holding back the rate of increase, can be enough to turn things around in just a few years.

          A big collapse will be bad for just about everyone, but it’s looking to be the only way to get some peoples’ minds right, if only for a little while again until people forget the lessons of Jimmy Carter – and Barack Obama – once again. Maybe a Great Depression – or even worse, this time – every 100 years or so, is what it takes.

          I live in Arizona so I don’t have to worry about expensive heating oil and electric heat etc that many other people have to deal with, including a lot of people in colder northeast and northwest states who for some reason seemed especially keen to vote for Obama to make their heating bills “necessarily skyrocket.”

          For me, a high-efficiency A/C unit and some solar panels will do the job. And I’ll sit here and chuckle at the freezing masses of fools who voted to do themselves in.

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