H2: 11/05/12: Guy Benson, Lileks, Fred Barnes, John Podhoretz, Brad Miller, Chris Cillizza

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11051202 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 2 – On the eve of the election, Hugh is joined in-studio by Guy P. Benson and James Lileks. This hour, the guys talk with Fred Barnes, John Podhoretz, Brad Miller, and Chris Cillizza.


2 Responses to “H2: 11/05/12: Guy Benson, Lileks, Fred Barnes, John Podhoretz, Brad Miller, Chris Cillizza”
  1. Kerry Davis says:

    Unfair to bring on a caller for 20 seconds when the end-of-hour music is already up, and louder than the caller could hope to be.

  2. Michael Todd says:

    Even Chris Cillizza couldn’t help qualifying Obama campaign grade with ‘what they had to work with’. What Obama had to work with is 4 years of lousy policies.

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