H1: 05/13/11 Vince Flynn

05131101 Hugh Hewitt: Hour 1 – Hugh spends the hour talking about the cancer battle, and inside information about the bin Laden raid two weeks ago in Pakistan, with bestselling novelist extraordinaire, Vince Flynn.


  1. Jeffery Stutsman says

    A good addition to the “best of” portion of the program. Hugh I think said more than he knew when he said that Romney’s speech was well delivered, but that it wouldn’t change anyones mind. For better or for worse for Mitt Romney first impressions are lasting impressions. I think most of us made up our minds two years ago about Mitt Romney. That handicap is not insurmountable, Reagan handily won in 1980 following the narrow defeat to Ford in 1976. However this time its different, the mood of the country is different, the World is different too. I think we are seeking out a different kind of leader, than in that era. Obama care has also by chance of fate brought Mitt Romney’s most vulnerable, and some would say untenable legacy to the fore-front. It was a good speech. Well delivered. In what I’m certain was a heated debate inside the Romney camp, the choice was obviously made to stand by the Massachusetts record, rather than go for the mea-culpa. I don’t think he can realistically turn back now. Those who were almost begging the man to give it up, in exchange for a reconsideration of support, will have to go on disappointed. To all those in that dissapointed group, Mitt Romenys electoral fate is sealed. However, in a rare moment of praise for Mr. Romney, I would like to recognize that it must not have been an easy choice for him. I’m certain many around him were advocating for the opposite course. It takes courage to stand and take the heat, and Mitt Romney proved with this speech that he is certainly willing to do that. My hats off to you Governor, and although I’m no more supportive of your candidacy today than yesterday, based solely on your record, I can at least say that I respect you for taking a stand, and making your argument. Good luck to you.

    • Jeffery Stutsman says

      Dont get too excited Duane. Theres still a battle to fight and win within our Republican ranks. The gloves come back off after a brief rest.

    • Duane Patterson says

      bravo, jeffery. you just took an hour of radio that had one question on health care, the rest of the segment on vince’s cancer crisis, and four segments on the OBL raid, and turned it into an anti-romney screed. you are nothing if not consistent.

      • mustang6 says

        Actually Duane I think Jeff just gave a compliment to Romney. I’m not in Romney’s camp, but I don’t know who else is going to have the finances to compete with the current occupant of the white house. I think Jeff and I are of the camp that we don’t want another compassionate conservative who’s going campaign like a conservative and then give us another $15 billion education bill and a prescription drug benefit bill that’s going to run into almost a trillion dollars. We can’t afford that. We need a candidate who’s going to get us back to pre-2008 spending levels, not give away mortgages and not print us into bankruptcy. We need a candidate who’s going to get us out of this mess before the decade’s out and Romney hasn’t convinced me he’s the guy to do it, with Romney care and past statements he seems to willing to let us collapse in his desire to compromise. We can’t afford that anymore. Herman Cain has shown me through past example that he can. Be that as it may, I’m in the vetting process.

        • Jeffery Stutsman says

          Unfortunate but true. That’s exactly the kind of ” conservative ” he will be. Maybe it’s for the best. If its course can’t be corrected, then let it be destroyed. Time is up.

  2. ted trepanier says


    Latest article I found regarding the OBL raid and who was the adult in the room. Seems President Dithers wasn’t the adult and was tricked into ordering the raid.

    The above link comes with the disclaimer that there are no names given as the source and must be taken with a grain of salt. It could simply be a rehash of the link I gave previously but this one claims to be consensus, but again, that is how rumors are made. Interesting read, for sure.