If You Only Have $100 To Contribute To A Campaign This Fall…

which candidate gets your money, and why?


  1. William Eilberg says

    Most of my political contributions are made through the Club for Growth. All candidates endorsed by the Club for Growth have been thoroughly vetted, and are the ones who are most likely to support economic freedom when they actually get elected.

    I have sent contributions to Sharron Angle, Pat Toomey, Marco Rubio, Ron Johnson, and Rand Paul.

    The Club has also endorsed Jim DeMint, Tom Coburn, and Mike Lee. While I like all of these, none of these needs my help, as they are all likely to win by huge margins. I would rather send money to candidates whose races are tight, and where some extra money might make a difference.

    I am likely to contribute to other Republican candidates as the election season unfolds.

      • William Eilberg says

        If I were limited to $100 in total, I would give $20 each to Angle, Toomey, Rubio, Johnson, and Paul. Then, I would try to save some more, to give more contributions later in the campaign, to these or to other worthy candidates.

  2. says

    I’ve already donated small amounts [$10] to Marco Rubio, Michele Bachmann, Sharron Angle and a few other great GOP conservatives. I will be donating more to those who are in extremely close races and need our help. My suggestion to all would be if you have a certain amount you have to donate, then give a smaller amount to a larger # of candidates. Ex., if you have $100 and that is all you can contribute, instead of giving that amount to one candidate, give $25 to 4 candidates. If you have $500 and were going to contribute $100 to 5 candidates, my suggestion would be to find 10 worthy candidates and give $50 to each. If everyone did that, then eventually all of our great conservatives that need help [those in close contested races] will get a good portion of donations instead of just a few.

    • Hugh Hewitt says

      Michael: thanks for great advice but based on all you know whom would you recommend get that first $100?

      • says

        OK, I guess if I should stick to answering your question and not act like a tribble :) I would say Marco Rubio. I think this race could be the determinate if the GOP wins the senate and besides that I really cannot stand that Charlie Crist could win by abandoning the GOP. It would really haunt the Dems and Reid’s pronouncemnt that Hispanics should stay away from the GOP. Plus, I really love Marco Rubio as a principled conservative and a future dynamic leader.

  3. Nick Stuart says

    Randy Hultgren, Illinois 14, Denny Hassert’s old district.

    IL 14 starts about 7 miles from my home and I’ve already been going over to his campaign HQ making phone calls.

    I’ve known Randy for maybe 10 years (not to name drop, he might recognize me as someone he’s seen around, but not more than that), he’s been a great state rep, and state senator. He’ll be a great congressman. He’s one of the few Republican candidates I trust to actually remember who sent him if, please God, the Republicans regain control of the House.

      • Nick Stuart says

        Repealing Obamacare. Repealing the estate tax. Extending the Bush tax cuts. Opposition to Cap & Trade. Lawsuit reform.

        Very important: he won’t vote for Nancy Pelosi for House Speaker.

        While a “friend rec” might not motivate someone from California to send money. He’s still a good candidate, one of the few Illinois politicians you can at least halfway trust, and his proximity makes him a logical choice for me to dig in and support him.

  4. quidnunc says

    I would donate $33 each to:

    Bill Brady, the GOP candidate for Illinois governor,

    Mark Kirk, the GOP candidate for the U.S, senate in Illinois and

    Randy Hultgren, the GOP candidate for the 14th Ill. congressional district in which where I live.

    All three offices are now occupied by Democrats but should be GOP pickups this fall.

    But, of course, the Illinois GOP is peopled by maladroits who are eminently capable of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

    • Nick Stuart says

      Illinois has only one political party. John Kass calls it “The Combine.” Most suburban Republicans would be Democrats if they were in Cook County. Randy Hultgren is a welcome exception. Brady seems to be. Kirk is running a prevent defense where he isn’t taking definite stands for things as much as he’s saying “vote for me I’m not a crook like the other guy.” Remains to be seen if that’s a winning strategy. And if, please God, he does get elected I fully expect a u-turn backstab of the people who voted him in, just like he voted for Cap and Trade (before he decided he was against it, sort of). I’ll be voting for Kirk in spite of, not because of, his record because it is so critical to regain control from the Democrats.

  5. Philip Bunge says

    Hey Hugh,

    – $50 to Marco Rubio (long term star power in swing state)
    – $50 to Fiorina (winning ca?!)

  6. says

    My $100 would go to SarahPAC. I like Sarah Palin’s instincts and principles, so she is an excellent kingmaker. She’d distribute my hundred bucks effectively.

  7. Hugh Hewitt says

    That just kicks the decision upstairs. What would you do if you had to choose the candidate yourself?

  8. Sydnee Petersen says

    Dino Rossi -….I thought he was robbed in the governor’s race
    and Pat Tomey…..he should have won the first time againt Spector, and he so deserves to be the senator from PA

  9. Mark Selby says

    So far most people can’t seem to grasp the question and provide a direct answer. The answer is: Sharon Angle

    Because: 1) Defeat of Reid repudiates Obama; 2) Defeat of Reid repudiates liberalism; 3) Election of Sharon vindicates Tea Party movement; 4) Sharon doesn’t have large funding base; 4) I am sure there are more reasons, but I can’t think of them now.

  10. Thomas says

    I would also say Angle because of Reid’s high profile. Fiorina is another possibility, but her funding issues probably are not as dire (I assume, but don’t really know). Both races are winnable, both would be very high impact if successful, and both might be meaningfully helped by additional money.

    I’m hoping to see lists like Geraghty’s top 100 with funding information (as an arbitrary example, say IL-10 is winnable but the candidate needs money to get over the top). That might help be more strategic in the home stretch.

  11. GreatHairGuy says

    If I was to donate only $100 to just one candidate this year, it would be more to send a message than a tactical political move. The strongest message to the political class would be to remove their most powerful member. In that case, I would make the contribution to John Dennis. (http://www.johndennis2010.com/) Even though he probably has the best chance of winning in CA CD-8 in two decades, I still believe it is a long-shot and the contribution could well be ‘wasted’.

    Another message needs to be sent to RINOs, faux-conservatives and other political opportunists. In this case it is not just a political chameleon, but a traitor to the Republican Party and his donors. Therefore, the election of Marco Rubio would send a lasting message about others that would consider the course that Charlie Crist has elected. In reality, I’ve already sent money to Marco and there may be an even bigger message to send.

    I still remember the glee and satisfaction I felt as I watched the returns come in and the outspoken, yet soft-spoken, Senate Majority Leader Daschle was sent packing. Actually, he just went over to ‘K’ Street; but a great day it was and the message was sent and received.

    Nothing would be finer than to have the disgraceful, inelegant, bomb-throwing dolt; the current Senate Majority Leader returned home to the confines of Searchlight, Nevada. Again, another likely ‘K’ Street resident, but, gone, nonetheless. What better message to the country, and even the world, and to top off an election night that returned the Congress to the Republicans and ended the great mistake of 2008. I would give my $100 to Sharron Angle. (http://sharronangle.com/)

  12. daveinaz says

    Hugh, after seeing you at Prescott with Paul Gosar, I’m inclined to ask you to answer the question rather than answer it myself.

    Gosar got my money; not because I’m in his district (I’m not) but because of what he will do for AZ and the congress in general, and because he needs it to win. I gave ten for Tark when asked, and he’s obviously not running in AZ. I support McCain, but he doesn’t need my money to win.

    I’m broke. My lovely wife is unemployed. But if I don’t give $100 now, my taxes will increase $1000 every year for the next 6 years. I can do the math.

  13. Warren Wheeler says

    Hugh – in the absence of green eye shade details on who needs money the most, I think Mark Selby (above) got it right . . . Sharon Angle gets the $100 as winning in that race announces a sea-state change in American politics. Imagine, a candidate who is anathema to mainstream Dems and mainstream Reps alike. Halleluiah!

  14. John Kochendorfer says

    $100 to Nick Popaditch in CA 51st (south San Diego and Imperial County). He’s the perfect conservative candidate to de-throne long term liberal Bob Filner, chair of the House VA committee.

    Nick is a distinguished war hero whose moral fiber is beyond reproach. A highly respected Marine gunny sergeant tank commander who was medically retired after taking an RPG to the head.

    Check out his website or facebook page and send him money, he needs every dollar he can get to help his largely grassroot campaign.

    Hugh, get this guy some air time. He has immense appeal but is exactly the type of guy we need to send to Capitol Hill.

  15. Karen Durham says

    I would give $25 to Andrew Thomas who is running for AZ Attorney General. He did a great job as Maricopa County Attorney. He was strong on crime & enforcement of illegal immigration laws. He is pro-life, pro-family values, patriotic & a constitutionalist.

    I would give $25 to Carly Fiorina because she is poised to beat Barbara Boxer who has been an embarrassment to the state of CA.

    I would contribute $25 to Pat Toomey’s campaign & $25 to the Marco Rubio campaign because the states of PA & FL are so important nationally.

    One caveat, though. If it looked like Jan Brewer was falling behind in the race for Gov of AZ I would contribute $25 to her instead of Toomey. However, I’m going to donate to Brewer’s campaign anyway so I could still donate to Toomey’s campaign.

  16. Kalman Cash says

    Does anyone know what hugh thinks about judge Von Walker being openly Gay as reported on the Michael Medved show(not that there’s anything wrong with that and therefore excusing himself from this case?

    • Duane Patterson says

      go back and listen to the smart guys, 3rd hour on wednesday’s podcast from this past week. john and erwin got into a pretty debate over the relevance of that fact to the outcome of the case.

      • GreatHairGuy says

        I was surprised the Erwin took such offense with John. I thought his reasoning and statement, which he repeated, were quite appropriate. Why would it be so horrific to inquire about a possible conflict of interest? I cannot understand why that would be viewed as intolerable. I think reasonable people, especially judges, would always want to assure the public that there is NO conflict of interest.

        • p2_architect says

          how dare you question the judge! It’s another case of “throwing chairs” in an attempt to cower anyone from bringing up the obvious.

  17. Julian Broaddus says

    I’ll split mine three ways. One third goes to my local representative. (If there were a Senate race in Texas, I’d have to split it four ways.) One third goes to the race that because of media attention, we can’t afford to lose – Marco Rubio for Senate in Florida. The last third goes to our last best hope for some eventual fiscal federal sanity – Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

  18. Tom Cutler says

    After reading through the comments. I think that the answer is: a: Marco Rubio, b: Sharron Angle and c: sensible third candidate. The only thing is that everyone wants to split the hundred bucks. I think that we need to start going beyond the norm. If we can, we should be throwing that hundred bucks to each. I did ten for Tark, threw a few hundred at Marco, and if you make the pick, I will cover for DaveinAZ and put a C-note somewhere for him.

  19. taggart says

    All $100 to Bill Randall (Randallforcongress.com) in NC 13 race against incumbent Brad Miller (D). Bill Randall is a solid conservative with 27 years in the US Navy. He is a small business owner and has earned and MBA; he is also a devout Christian. His opponent is one of three (David Price, Brad Miller, and Bob (who are you?) Etheridge) that have voted 98% with the current speaker of the house (I will not say her name). The three have earned the title “Axis of Weasels.” At least one of the weasels should stay home in 2011. Bill Randall!

  20. Witty Username says

    When it comes time to re-elect Lindsay Graham, I will be sending more than $100 to his opponent.

  21. Matthew Gil says

    If you want to send a message, cut off the snake’s head and the body will die. Give the 100 bucks to the candidate that will get the Republicans and Tea Party the most national attention.

    Get the moola out to Sharon Angle so that we can help her take down the big fish, Harry Reid.

  22. cliff luhrs says

    I would give the money to Pat Toomey, It is important that Penn. start turning back to republican. After the Spector fiasco we need a true blue conservative. I am not as excited about Tom Corbett, he will be better than another city guy. Got nobody strong in our district to run against tim holden, as long as harrisburg and schkukill co. goes for holden, he will be hard to beat. Conservatives need to rule the day!!

    CLIFF LUHRS #973
    PALMYRA, PA (near hershey, and yes you can smell the chocolate)s

  23. W Brian Martin says

    probably Dino Rossi, Carly and Sharon Engle. Although I may add AZ CD3 winner in there.

    Would be great if it were Pam Gorman or Paulina Morris.

  24. Nick Stuart says

    One thing though. All these candidates who are seeking nationwide support, when they win their elections, and I hope they all do, come November 3, if you don’t live in their district, they will have never heard from you and will not have a nanosecond of their valuable time to spare for you no matter how critical “outside-the-district” support was to their election.

  25. Kent Dowden says

    All politics are local, but I don’t have any candidates locally that need the money. So, I’ll give 100 to Bill Flores in Tx-17 to help him defeat Chet Edwards. It will be close and it is worth thousands to finally get rid of Chet.

  26. n8iveSoCalGirl says

    The first time Hugh had Sharron Angle on, I called the show and pledged to support her to get Reid out. On Sharron’s website I set up a monthly donation of $20 through the end of the campaign, 5 months, $100.

    I’m giving TIME to other campaigns: Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina and Larry Andre (CA-39). (California Dream: no more Sanchez sisters!)

  27. Fallon says

    I have donated smaller amounts to other candidates for reasons already expressed by others.

    That said, my first 100.00 went to Clayton Trotter, opposing Charlie Gonzalez, a. k. a. Yucki-Chucki, in the race for the 20th Congressional District in Texas.

    Reason: That is my District.

    Clayton is the right kind of Representative/lawyer- the kind that defends the innocent (from zygote, through Second Amendment years, into the feeble-elderly years in which wisdom is more likely to be distilled). He has argued in support of The Constitution before The SCOTUS, and he recognizes the vital significance of The Declaration of Independence, and the natural law it is based upon.

    Chucki is my misrepresentative.

    His Daddy, Henry B. Gonzalez passed the scepter (specter?) to his Abomination of Desolation Cheshire-Cat-grinning, 100% obedient pro-Pelosi House-boy/pro-late-term-abortion/pro-any abortion/pro-tyranny/lie[FACE TO FACE!]-to-sweet-little-Catholic-grannies-at-his-“Town” (bus ’em in to dilute the TEA)”Hall”/”Do as I say…” prince.

    It is obvious that the House and Senate are rife with vermin; but, this RAT has to go, and if we can’t get that done this year, then we never will.

    BTW- Chucki now polls as the loser he is. Some thought he was invincible, like the Kennedy Dynasty – God help us if we must wait for God to send Chucki to his old-dirt-new-digs in order to redeem that Seat!

  28. steve macdonald says

    I have sent money to many of the above candidates plus others. My first $100 would go to Kristi Noem in South Dakota. She can shoot straight, knows about running family businesses, is from a state should should have a Republican Rep., has a great looking family and is really good looking. I firmly believe that the GOP should dominate the looks as well as the substance pedastals in the new & future Congresses.

  29. dahveed says

    Mark Kirk in Illinois and Joel Pollak running against Jan Schakowsky in Illinois’s 9th. Just turning Illinois a little more red would be great.

  30. Courtney Perrier Bear says

    Jesse Kelly CD8 AZ, Ruth McClung CD7 AZ, Kris Kobach KS Sec of State because of what he does for AZ, Joe Miller AK, Nick Popaditch CA-51. 20 bucks a piece. I think I’ll do that this weekend.

  31. Mary Raub says

    If I were limited to $100 and only one candidate, my money would go to Michele Bachmann in Minnesota. As Nancy Pelosi’s #1 target, she will need tons of money. I think Michele drives Nancy & Co. crazy because she’s bright, beautiful, conservative, articulate and strong. I thank Hugh for introducing her when she was targeted two years ago.

  32. scott methvin says

    After listening to Hugh for several years daily it gives me great pause when Hugh endorses a candidate. His record on candidates is about as poor as his sports predictions. He was so terribly wrong about the Delaware race and others earlier in the year, it’s almost like having Barack Obama come to town to campaign for a Democrat, it’s the closest approximation to the anti-Midas touch in politics. It wears a little thin when he puts on the plastic smile and claims this ir that choice of the establishment will be the “next something from somewhere” for the 97th time with the same level of enthusiasm and the last 96 of which 78 lost. During this recent phase of Hugh turning the show into all endorsements, all of the time, I find myself fast-forwarding through the podcasts very frequently. Hugh won’t even drop the lefty media conspirators from the show or grill them on their efforts to lie to the public.

  33. Larry Uelk says

    I have given more than $100 already but if I had to pick one candidate who could have the greatest impact on the state he or she would represent and the country, too, it would be Meg Whitman.

    A recovering California, an accountable California would send enormous ripples throughout the country and perfectly prime the Republicans for a tremendous victory in 2012.

  34. David Dunn says

    Originally I planned to give 5-10K but the China power business has been completedy flat the past year and a half. Forget the talk about a new coal plant every week, it’s going to end up being about 2 full years with only a handful of plants completed. Anyway $100 or so is about all I’ll be able to do this time. I think the Senate is now a little more strategic than the House. Intrade.com says that Rep House is over 75% and Rep Senate is about 30% probability. With these considerations in mind, Sharron Angle gets $33. Her victory is so strategic and she is running against a ton of money from Reid. Rossi also gets $33. Both races are razor close. My 3rd $33 goes to Ryan Frazier, running against big lib Perlmutter for Congress in CO. A great candidate and an African American conservative. To me getting more African Americans to vote their natural orientation (conservative) is a tremendous our cause. Frzzier’s in a very tight race. I thought about other African Americans. Star Parker is great but she has already raised 1 Million. She will likely only win in a real tidal wave. Allen West in Florida seems to have a better shot and is a fundraising machine, he’s raised over $2 Million. Tim Scott looks like he will win going away in South Carolina.

  35. Margaret Yates says

    Fenn Little!!! The courageous conservative Georgian who is running against John Lewis, Nancy Pelosi’s most loyal foot soldier. I live in this District, and for the first time in my memory, we have a shot at ousting Lewis and electing a conservative with integrity who will vote for lower taxes, repealing healthcare, limited government, Life, and everything I hold dear!