Which of the Senate Races Will You/Have You Supported, And How?

Over at HughHewitt.com I have listed the 15 Senate races in which the GOP candidate must triumph in order for the Senate to shift control to the Republicans. I am curious which race, if any, Hughniverse members have thrown in with and how.


  1. Chris Dodson says

    Carly Fiorina — Voted for her
    Marco Rubio – Sent two donations so far
    Pat Toomey – Sent two donations so far

    • Hugh Hewitt says

      Chris: Why Rubio and Toomey over the others. I applaud your willignness to dig deep, but curious to find out the “why”.

    • Charlene Fisher says

      I will support Carly Fiorina for several reason but mainly because can’t stand another 6 yrs of Barbara – excuse me, Senator Boxer.

  2. Christine Ralphs says

    Prior to June 8th, I had sent contributions to Carly Fiorina, Pat Toomey, Danny Tarkanian, and Meg Whitman. On Wednesday, June 9th, I sent contributions to Carly, Meg, and to Sharron Angle. I have printed out your list, and I will begin sending $$$ to each of the candidates on that list.

    • Hugh Hewitt says

      Thanks Christine. Same question as to Chris above: Why did you make these choices?

      • Christine Ralphs says

        The original contributions to Carly and Meg were because I studied the various candidates and felt that Carly and Meg could win in November and I liked their platforms. I sent money to Pat and Danny on your recommendations.
        The contributions I sent after June 9th were because I like all three and think they can win. And win they must! We have to take back the House AND the Senate to stop this insane direction Obama and his minions are pushing us in.

  3. W Brian Martin says

    I sent money to Carly and have tried to raise money for her, sent some to Tark too.

  4. Doug Bentley says

    From your list I’ll have to send support to Sharron Angle. After listening to her on your podcast, I have to say I was impressed by her credibility as a solid conservative. To see a constitutionalist defeat Harry Reid would be the highlight of the mid-term elections. At this point, my other support is going to NM races (state and federal).

    [BTW Hugh, after years of listening to you starting first in the morning on-line and now via podcast, I’m glad to finally welcome you on-air here in Albuquerque on 730 KDAZ. I hope it continues- central New Mexico needs your voice.]

  5. William Eilberg says

    Dear Hugh:

    In 2006, I had an indirect role in promoting the candidacy of Sharron Angle for Congress. Among other things, we had a “meet & greet” at our home, and we got to know Sharron better. We did far less for the Senate campaign; basically just gave a few donations, as it seemed to be a lost cause until the last few weeks. I know Sharron is the real thing, and hope that she can defeat Reid.

    We also live in Florida during the winter months. Before returning to Nevada, we had the opportunity to attend two events for Marco Rubio. (It was a testament to the sad state of the Florida economy that a $100 per person fundraiser in March only brought about 100 attendees.) Rubio is very, very impressive, and we expect to send him more money. We look forward to hearing him on your show.

    We have donated to Pat Toomey. Toomey is a really heroic figure, a fabulous candidate. If any Republican can win in Pennsylvania, it is he. We expect to send him more money as the campaign proceeds.

    Our failure to send money to the others on your list does not indicate lack of support or interest. We will probably contribute to many or most of the others.

    One final note. This is not in the category of Senate races, but you really should cover the campaign for Congress of Tim Scott in South Carolina. This race has historic implications: a black conservative in South Carolina, poised to defeat the son of Strom Thurmond. We need to destroy the stereotype that all blacks are liberal, and to show that love of liberty is not a matter of skin color.

    William H. Eilberg & Kathleen E. Shy

  6. Courtney Perrier Bear says

    I sent some cash to Rubio back when Charlie was still a R because I can’t stand Christ’s arrogance. I have since learned more about Rubio and will probably send some more since Charlie just won’t go away. I was a Devore fan, but now I might throw a few bucks to Carly just to see some more #demonsheep action. I can’t stand Reid, so Sharron will probably get a few bucks if I can scrape them up.
    Not a part of your 15, but I live in AZ, so I’m cautiously watching JD and Johnny go at it. The McCain commercials here in AZ have actually turned me towards JD. The arrogance is startling. I will probably wait until the after the primaries to really get engaged here though.

  7. gerald dambrosio says

    We have sent money to Toomey, Rubio and Tark. Will continue to support the folks on the list with cash since no election for Senate from Texas this year.

  8. Ted humphreville says

    I live in midtown Los Angeles. I’m getting a bumper sticker. It will say
    Got 1.6 Trillion?

    Probably a Fiorina bumper sticker

    On the CALCPA listserves(probably 1500 cpa’s) I urge people to vote.
    Where I live it’s 20 /80 democratic. So how to fight back?

    My brother Jack Humphreville(Harvard MBA) writes a weekly column for citywatchla.com
    He analyzed the DWP statements and the city of LA financials.
    He managed to stop Proposition B(where solar panels would be installed only by DWP union workers) and he stopped a 30 % DWP rate increase.
    Suddenly people woke up to his writings.
    They saw the corruption and the union self serving.

    So have an expert, somebody who’s done their homework, get out the facts so you can separate political rhetoric from the facts.

    I get the Heritage daily email push. It’s good.
    Perhaps we need a good California email push.
    Then we can get that information out to friends and people.

    People eventually wake up.

    Ted Humphreville

  9. David Dunn says

    I’m thinking about this race as where can I personally help to tip a race. Here are my thoughts:

    1. I don’t want to get involved in primaries. I’ll vote in them but I don’t want to commit my time and money to decisions where the choice is so much less clear than in the general elections.

    2. It’s a very good idea to help out all of the “non-white” candidates. There is nothing intrinsically “white” about policies favoring a less intrusive government, spending less. We need to seek out all of the non-white candidates, everything else being equal. That means people like Allen West in Florida, Jaime Herrara in Washington, Marco Rubio and Tim Scott in South Carolina. All of these are strategic candidates. These candidates broaden the appeal of conservative ideas into under-represented ethnic segments, in addition to providing good proponents for American values in Congress.

    3. For those living in one of the battleground states or districts the choice of how to deploy oneself is easier. Door knock, do sign deployment and make phone calls in your area etc. I am not in one of those states. In fact I live in China, so I can only make phone calls from here. That frees me up to consider any campaign.

    4. Being outside the battleground states and districts I first think about helping in a race that looks like it will be very close and a state (for the Senate races) that is not so populous that one person’s impact is not lessoned. At the end of the day I would much prefer having two Republican Senators from North Dakota over having just one from California. This said the North Dakota race is looking like such a blowout that that race is also one I will avoid.

    5. My favorite two races are Jaime Herrara running for the Washington #3 vacated by Brian Baird and Dino Rossi running against Patty Murray. Washington #3 was won by Obama with just 53% of the vote. Rossi is a formidible candidate. I combine these two races because I assume that if you are walking door to door or making calls you can combine the two appeals. These races meet my criteria for the following reasons a. Close elections b. Opportunity to make two pickups c. Opportunity to elect an articulate, young, conservative Hispanic woman d. Opportunity to make a difference in a state that isn’t too populous.

    My plan is to fly back to the U.S. and spend the last 3 weeks of the race in Washington 3 campaigning door to door(a state I’ve never been to.) I’ll keep up with my China business via the internet.

    Sidenote: Isn’t it a bit ironic that so many people think that predominately Catholic Latino’s are the member of a “minority”, whereas predominately Catholic
    (and also Latin) Italians are now considered to part of the “majority.” These things change over time. Certainly 70 or 80 years ago Italians would NOT have been considered to be part of the majority.

    6. My other favorite race for personal involvement relates to my own abilities. David Harmer is running in CA 11. http://www.cqpolitics.com rates this contest as “leans Democrat.” If it looks in August or early September that November is going to be a big year for Republican, those of us trying to tip as many seats as possible need all other things being equal to direct more of our efforts to “leans Democratic” districts.

    For me CA 11 is particularly appealing. CA 11 is 9% Asian. I speak Mandarin and Cantonese and find that I receive a particularly receptive audience when I use those languages to promote the Republican values of individual responsibility and limited government.

    7. In 2010 I’ll spend at least 10 times more than I spent in 2006 and 2008 on helping Republicans. This year is pivotal. If I have a good year (my business is clean coal technology) I’ll spend up to 100 times more.

    David Dunn from Beijing

  10. steve macdonald says

    Fiorina, Angle, Rubio, Toomey so far + a bunch of first timers running for House seats + NRCC. I expect to most likely double down on downations over the coming months. Rossi and Portman will be my next recipients.
    As I live overseas, money is the only help I can give. It will be a good Return On Investment if a Republican tsunami keeps me from having to create a totally new investment strategy.fingers crossed.

    • David Dunn says

      I live overseas too. You can get a call list from the campaign and make phone calls. The campaigns probably won’t be able to call everyone they would like to. I called the U.S. to help Scott Brown. This is worth spending some time on.

  11. ted trepanier says

    When I heard the nickname, “52 and Angle” and found out that it meant Rs and Ds voting but most of the time Angle would be the lone ‘no’ vote, I became concerned. No support here.

    As for the HH blog, I go over there and read the request but can’t see the list of Senatorial candidates- blank screen. Everything else is there, but not that.

  12. p2_architect says

    Rubio, Toomey, Tarkanian and Ken Buck (not Jane Norton). But I’ll send money to Jane if she somehow beats Buck in the primary:0

  13. dudette says

    I supported DeVore, Angle with donations. Have sent $ to Rubio for over a year. Have sent $ to Scott Brown–anywhere it is close I send $. I am hoping Allen West, Deon Long, make it, sent them $ and have sent $ to Peter Schiff in CT–I do not undertsand the Linda MacMahon thing. Send scolding letters to NRCC they get no $ until they get rid of the ROb Jesmer RINO lib types in the leadership.

  14. taggart says

    Can we get a governor candidate list? It is very difficult for a Republican candidate for US Senate to win in an election that has a strong Democrat candidate running for governor. In general, voters will put a senator and a governor from the same party in office when elections are held together. How is Reid Jr. doing in his governor race? Poorly . . . that should increase Angle’s chances not matter how much money Reid Sr. has to throw away. In California, history supports a win for Whitman and Fiorina, but not a combination of Brown and Fiorina or Whitman and Boxer. The governor’s races matter to the senate races. In Florida–we should support Scott if we want Rubio to win.

  15. taggart says

    Thank you for the list. It is helpful. I am sending money directly to candidates–no need for a middle man (i.e., Michael Steele and others). The candidates know where to spend the money most effectively. I give in drips and drabs. Since seeing the light of conservatism, I no longer send money to bleeding heart organizations and since “O care” covers every disease known to man, I no longer give to disease specific charities. More money for great conservative candidates–no money for liberal causes.

  16. Jeff Oster says

    I twice donated to Jane Norton’s campaign, and put a bumper sticker on my car for her. I have since changed my mind for the primary and will now vote for Ken Buck, but if Jane wins I will put the bumper sticker back up there for the general election.

    I was in contact with Sen Michael Bennet’s office during the health care debate and told him I would campaign hard for his opponent if he voted for it. He had already made up his mind to vote against the will of the people of Colorado, and he wasn’t shy about it. The man is a liberal rubber-stamp.

    Thanks, Hugh!

    Jeff Oster
    Colorado Springs

  17. says

    – Only beneficiary so far is Marco Rubio–$150 so far. I grew up in Florida and want to see the state return to its conservative roots. Rubio also has tremendous potential: young, articulate, smart. Keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn’t have any serious closet skeletons (credit card bills, the recent mortgage issue/dispute/debt, et al.) or makes a fatal unforced error.
    – Haven’t given to nominees in CA, NV, or KY because I didn’t want to waste money on a subsequent loser in the primary races there. I will give at least $100 to Fiorina, Angle and Toomey (although in his case he was a sure GOP nominee) because they are challenging the Sith Lords of the Dem party.
    – Some I will give $50-$100 to because they have a statistical fighting chance, e.g., Blunt, Portman…probably $100 total.
    – Dino Rossi-yes, will give $100…I supported his gubernatorial effort(s) and would like to see him finally win despite the Dem corruption ala John Thune v. Daschle. I was born in Seattle. It’s personal.
    – Will give to some because they are very strong in polling, i.e., Boozman, Hoeven, and (wonder of wonders) Mike Castle. Probably $50 but maybe $100 if they tap me on a good day.
    – Ron Johnson…Ron who? Maybe $25, maybe $50. Out of sight, out of mind though…so far.
    – Jane Norton? Yes, I think I will. I went to school in C. Springs (a certain technical college, known for its chapel, a few miles north of town) and like the state. A lot. I recently moved from Monument to central Indiana (long story) and not a moment too soon. The Californians are moving in and turning local politics leftward…we need a counterweight to the barbarian hordes so I will support her with $50 to $100.
    – Mark Kirk…Meh; maybe $50 on principle. I mean he IS a Republican (at least as much as one can be in in Illinois) and I’ll take half a loaf over nothing at all, though I think Bibi Netanyahu at a Hamas rally would have a better chance at getting votes.
    – Rand Paul…ooooo, I don’t know. If the apple fell far from the tree, maybe $50, but you’d have to convince me he isn’t as loopy as his dad.
    – Finally, Dan Coats: Of course. $100…at least. As I said above, I’m now living in Indiana and suffering under two Democrats-Bayh and Donnelly (D-2 IN). Every little bit (in the form of a Republican pick up) helps. Frankly, I’m hoping against hope that Richard Lugar decides to retire when he’s next up for reelection so we can solidify conservative representation from Indiana by running another solid GOP candidate to replace Ol’ Dick.

    Dusty Rhoades
    Logansport, IN

    • Jeffery Stutsman says

      Hmmmm. Ron Paul, strict originalist, extream in defense of the constitution. “Loopy” “Me too only less” Republicans, and a 600.00 haircut thrown in…not loopy? I’ll stand with the Constitution, and anyone who stands without compromise along side me.

  18. Nick Stuart says

    Mark Kirk: Will vote & campaign for him.

    IN SPITE OF, not because of his record. In face, I fully expect that after he is elected at some point in the first two years of his term he will abjectly stab the people who voted for him in the back and support some off the chart liberal power and money grab like he did Cap ‘n Tax.

    It is simply so critical that we gain control of the Senate, that I’ll risk the back stab to do it.

  19. Michelle Vaccaro says

    Trying to be supportive in many races, but will withhold funds from Mike castle due to his participation with the Disclose act. I am seeing him more as a RINO than a moderate.

    Supported Devore, Rubio, and Tark. Will support Sharron Angle.

    • David Dunn says

      Castle is a RINO but at this stage we’re not going to get a rock-ribbed conservative in a state like Delaware, that is until more people think like us and realize statism in all of its variants is a failed ideology. We have to count our blessing. Scott Brown is as good as we could hope for in MA. Someone like Michelle Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty are really better than we could realistically hope for in MN. The real RINO issue is center-left office holders/candidates in center-right states. Those have to be the first priority to move the country to the right. An example of actualizing this objective would be making sure someone like Marco Rubio is elected.

      Another issue to consider is what to do with a squishy guy like Lindsey Graham in conservative South Carolina. Some would say taking him down is a priority. I don’t fully agree. If the country moves toward reality, i.e. conservative, people like Graham will tend to fall in line. At the end of the day people like Graham want to be relected. Its when conservative ideas are less accepted and conservatives less engaged in the political process that people like Graham fall off the wagon.

  20. John Sobieski says


    Thanks for your leadership on this issue.

    I have been sending $ to Toomey, Brown, Tark, and the NRSC. I will be supporting Rossi now that he is in the race. As others have said the Rossi race is personal.

    This is a critical election cycle. I will be all in this round. If we fail in the fall it will be a long time before we get another chance.

    John S
    Redmond WA

    • Mary Griswold says

      Massachusetts is having a Republican primary for the 3rd Congressional District (Jim McGovern’s District). Jim McGovern is starting to get nervous–his people were on street corners all over the district holding signs last Saturday morning. I am supporting Marty Lamb in the Republican primary (collecting signatures, holding signs, making donations). There are five candidates, but the race will probably come down to two–Marty Lamb and Brian Herr. Marty Lamb is the more conservative candidate and the candidate more associated with the Tea Party. He’d love to be on the Hugh Hewitt show!!!!

  21. Jeffery Stutsman says

    And for Hugh too. May he one day accept that our founders were “nutters.”

  22. NeoConScum says

    $$-Money for Rubio here in Florida. Why? I loath Slick Charlie. Marco is a solid Conservative. I will dimple chads for him and ANYONE who wins the Repub Primary and runs against the malignant Alan Grayson.

  23. Scott Hefler says

    Carly over the “Box of Rox” for sure!! Gave to the NRSC and even made my own bumper sticker. (inspired by Hugh and his “box of rocks” commentarty)

    Go to http://www.zazzle.com/no2socialism to see it and many other goodies Ive created for Tea Partying, right-wingers everywhere.

    Look for me at any local Central Valley (CA) Tea Party function, selling my wares. Like Oakhurst, CA this 4th of July, for instance.

  24. Colleen Combs says

    Sent $ to all on list, except two or three. Just finished listening to a sermon. So, first looked at the candidates’ value statement, and if the statement arguably expressed Christian values, made a contribution. Skipped one candidate where this was not discernible. Another wouldn’t take online contributions, so skipped him.

    Sent $ to Michelle Bachmann.

    In one concerted effort lasting 2 hours, made contributions so I could toss pile of accumulated direct mail solicitations.

    Made contributions to other races, such as Lt. Colonel Allen West, Florida. Received a direct mail solicitation from his wife. Looked him up. Video was inspiring. Also, Ilario Pantano, NC candidate for Congress against Blue Dog McIntyre, my home district. West and Pantano both survivors of legal proceedings against them because of actions in Iraq.

    Probably will make contributions to DeMint’s PAC, maybe Romney’s.

    Goal is Democrats = 0.

  25. Donald Amis says

    I supported Pat Toomey six years ago and am doing so again. Of cousre, I shall be contributing to Carly Fiorina’s campaign, too.

  26. esintheus says

    I sent money to Sharron Angle of Neveda. She’s the only candidate I’m encouraged to support because of her domestic Libertarian philosophy. I would consider giving my time and effort to help as well, but I live in Laguna Hills CA.

    I’m twenty six and do not have enough funds to help other candidates. Due to full time work and full time school, I don’t have much free time either. While I hope and pray for Fiorina and Whitman, neither has inspired me with any concrete proposals.

  27. John Couig says

    Hey Hugh,

    Sent money to Carly and will be making calls for her.

    Also sent money to Joe Wilson SC, Charles D’Jou HI, and Meg Whitman–making calls for Meg as well.

  28. Howard Schargel says

    Toomey in PA and Christine O’Donnell in DE. They are solid Conservatives and specifically Mike Castle must not be allowed to enter the Senate on Nov. 3rd. He is another Arlen Specter or Jim Jeffords. He voted FOR cap & trade in the House and co-sponsored the DISCLOSE act. He is a disaster waiting to happen.