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The DSL at our studio just went down. Once bowling is over, I will upload them again from home, so please be patient, and pray I bowl my weight, which would be a very nice score. Be back soon.

Update: The podcasts are there. Thanks for the patience, everybody. BTW, since you asked? The Superduanes Bowling Club won three out of four tonight, which is a month’s worth of production the way we’ve bowled lately. I was my consistently lackluster self – 163, 159, 141. You may resume your HHS downloads. And be sure to visit Duane FM on Sunday nights on your way out, won’t you?


29 Responses to “About Those Podcasts…”
  1. Jim Treat says:

    Thanks For the Note.


  2. Mark Younker says:

    Bowl strikes… Waiting with Heinz Ketchup anticipation.



  3. Nick Stuart says:

    Would that be a perfect game?

  4. Glenn Mullen says:

    the hughniverse abides…

  5. richard skinner says:

    knockem down gutterboy

  6. William Vallely says:

    To bowl MY weight, I’d have to roll a perfect game that would include hitting the back of the wall so hard that the ball bounced onto another lane and knocked over THEIR pins. A couple of times.

    Will we have the Podcasts BEFORE “Mythbusters?”

  7. Rick Franklin says:

    Thanks for the heads-up, Duane. Can we assume that your weight is somewhere between your shoe size and your area code?

  8. Pablo Collins says:

    We all know you’re actually at build a bear.

  9. Scott Hefler says:

    Make it snappy Generallissimo!! I aint gettin any younger here… ;) jk

    BTW….. When I was listening to the podcast today of “OH DOUBLE I, OH DOUBLE H” my first thought was “Oh if I only had healthcare”

    just thought I’d throw that out there…..

  10. Pete Gjerness says:

    And here I thought you were ticked off at me because the Twins are threatening to take the series from the Halos. Okay, I guess I’ll catch up on Prager while I wait. Here’s to a perfect game (bowling, that is).

  11. Joel Turvey says:

    I’m sure it will be worth the wait! I enjoyed listening to the risktaker hour on yesterday’s show. And what did Hugh say–bowling is right up there in popularity, so you are upholding the trend. Good luck.

  12. John Erickson says:

    Wouldn’t the responsible thing be to make sure your paying customers were able to listen to today’s Hewitt Show before you went bowling? Isn’t that your job?

    • Duane Patterson says:

      and thanks so much for noticing it’s my job. i was otherwise unaware of my responsibilities.

      • Stephen Conlon says:

        LOL…Yep…even though podcasting FOR A MONTH is less than 10 frames and a $1 beer, what makes you think you can make premium subscribers wait?

        (sarcasm off)
        Steve Conlon
        Charlotte NC

  13. Patrick Neil says:

    Lucky you. I’d be more likely to bowl my IQ! Thanks for taking care of us podcasters. I otherwise would regularly miss 90% of the show.

  14. Mark Younker says:


  15. Edward Wagner says:

    I pay real money to get these radio programs, even though Hugh gives very short shrift to New England, but this is the only way I can get the program.

    If there are no podcasts then there is no program for me. No podcasts, no subscription. Two days and I have better places to dump my money.

    • William Vallely says:

      Edward, for crying out loud, it’s a podcast. Really, thing go wrong occasionally. It happens. I’m quite certain Duane jumped on it the first moment he could.

    • ted trepanier says:

      Two days? I’m all caught up but I download from iTunes, but to get iTunes, Hughniverse has to okay the download, so I don’t get it.

    • Stephen Conlon says:

      >>I pay real money<<

      C'mon…you pay peanuts! I'd bet large money that Hugh makes very, very, VERY small money off of the subscription and it allows people to get shows with 99.44% reliability. Mechanical things break down.

      I had a private dinner with Hugh once and while he might not want me to say this, he he said Duane was the best producer in the business and his show could not run as it does without him. But he can't take a few hours to bowl because you forked over $5 for a month of shows and he should say "how high?" when you say "JUMP"?

      I can only hope you were kidding.

      Steve Conlon
      Charlotte NC

  16. W Brian Martin says:

    Hugh, you used to be my least favorite on the salem network. Because of your free podcasts I started listening to you on my bike rides. Now you are my favorite and I am hughniversalist. I think you should still keep a few hours a week on your site for free. Great way to build an audience, especially with your interviews.

    • Justin Flavin says:

      i agree.. the lengthy interviews could maybe be made for free – ones from the archive perhaps?

      currently listening to the re-run of the interview with Dr Liam Fox, who is now conservative defence minister – and to be honest, i cannot remember such a lengthy interview with the man over here in the UK. i do like these long interviews – gives the subject time to breath, and they do deserve a bigger audience than us Hughniversalists.

  17. Witty Username says:

    Hugh – when are we going to get a Hughniverse Iphone App? I bet Dennis Prager has a Pragertopia Iphone app!

    • Duane Patterson says:

      a fine question for our new programmer, who is supposed to be at my beck and call very shortly, i’m told.

  18. Clayton Barker says:

    Thanks for the update. I was headed back from DC (shudder) and missed last night’s shows in any event. But I will review them now that they are downloaded.

    What’s with Jay Sekulow preempting the third hour in Atlanta (WGKA) anyway? While we love the work of the ACLJ, it seems strange that they would horn in on the third hour — deprives the Atlanta community of Emmett.

    • Duane Patterson says:

      local decision. we are not exactly thrilled with our own company pre-empting their own show on their station with somebody else.

  19. Mike Finamore says:

    Duane, Is your studio equipped with 21st Century technology, or is there operator error involved? It seems like techical glitches are a regular happening…

    • Duane Patterson says:

      my studio is relatively current. the technical glitches have to do with isdn outages, streaming servers that all of a sudden stop streaming, etc. i produce as fast and as accurately as i can, but have to rely on a lot of outside technology and programming way above my pay grade. when it fails, it fails.

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