Have you contributed to Team Rubicon?

What are the reactions to the Team Rubicon posts?


  1. Nick Sanders says

    Thanks for finding these folks, Hugh.

    I’ve lately noticed a disturbing whiff of insipid, obstinate refusal to sympathize for the suffering in Haiti among some new to liberty on the grounds that:

    A) we are already helping with our tax dollars, or
    B) who cared about the Haitian’s plight two weeks ago, pre-quake, so why should we care now? Or,
    C) Our money will just go to waste fixing the Palace there, instead of helping the people.

    Well obviously our tax dollars are something, but clearly they are not enough, and they are inefficient to boot. Meanwhile, two weeks ago nobody in Haiti was suffering from all these horrible crush wounds.

    Team Rubicon’s blog posts cut through the bull, and make plain what is going on down there. They are the antidote to scepticism.

    As an aside, Google Earth has post-quake imagery which may help folks grasp the magnitude the devastation. Scanning the storage areas near the port in northern Port Au Prince, I see hundreds upon hundreds of those large trailer-sized shipping containers. They would make great housing, IMO.

  2. Steve Wiederholt says

    If you have given to the relief of Haiti, I have just completed an in depth study of the Rules. I have yet to find anything that says you can’t give again.

  3. Diane Peske says

    A;though we made a large donation to Catholic Relief Services, we donated immediately to Team Rubicon after hearing your show Hugh….For us, t’was the marriage made in heaven: military-trained guys with Catholic roots getting things done! OUR kind of folk. Dropped an email to Jake to thank him for setting up the Paypal site. Keep pushing this in the weeks ahead as the needs will remain long after the press coverage.

    LOVED the mouse-maze pic they posted about the Team as well.

    Thank you thank you thank you for raising our consciousness on this one, Hugh!!

  4. David Lyday says

    We had made a contribution a couple of weeks ago through one of your links, but after hearing your interview about what these heroes are doing, we sent a contribution directly to them. The Boss says that if we are helping the people in Haiti, we are also doing it for Him. I don’t think that has anything to do with tax dollars … as Nick points out above. And getting it to Team Rubicon short circuits the concern about the money going to fix the Palace. Thanks, Hugh, and Team Rubicon.

  5. Tim May says

    I found Team Rubicon through your blog and my family made a contribution to their effort yesterday. Their blog posts and uncensored images of people receiving critical care by team members were instrumental in our decision. I have a clear sense of how our donation will be spent and that it will be put to use fairly quickly.