Other Than Steyn, Lileks, Krauthammer, Barnes etc., I Mean.

Looking forward to 2010, are there any commentators/writers/pop-offs that you would like to see featured on a regular basis on the radio program?


  1. dahveed says

    One person I always find very interesting when he is on the show is Peter Robinson. Of course more VDH. I don’t think I have heard Thomas Sowell on the radio, but if he does I think he would be a great addition.

  2. Percival says

    I am a history geek, and cheer whenever I hear that VDH is going to be on, and your interview of Amity Shlaes is also a big favorite, as are all of David Allen White’s contributions.

    I really enjoy the segments with authors. My first forays into the works of Daniel Silva, Steven Pressfield, and Vince Flynn were as a result of hearing them on your show.

  3. Michael Milligan says

    A suggestion, Hugh.

    You might be interested in interviewing, Michael Milligan, the author a great piece of conservative fiction, ‘The Pine Field Killing’ (http://pinefieldkilling.com).

    It’s the story of an environmental activist who dies from an illegal pesticide on a small farm just north of Los Angeles and the ensuing frenzy from a wolf pack of regulators, eco-terrorists, and journalists that brings the farm owner to his knees. The pesticide in question, however, is a chemical that this particular farmer never used in his life. It’s a great, lively read that will resonate with anyone experiencing or witnessing what is going on in the Central Valley right now.

    Disinterestedly yours,
    Michael Milligan

    • Steve Wiederholt says

      Oh sure! Force me to go buy another book!
      I just hope you’ll be able to live with yourself. :-)

      • Michael Milligan says

        Buy it! Buy it, I tell you! Spread the word! I can handle the guilt.

        After all those years, all those sweltering hours of negotiating a skinny little spray tractor through dense rows of Christmas trees in 90 degree weather, getting slapped in the face with interlaced branches, plowing through spider webs, cooking in a spray suit, respirator, gloves and goggles with my bodily electrolytes pooling in my rubber boots while groups like the NRDC plotted in their upscale, air-conditioned offices on how to take away the very pesticides that I needed to keep my crop intact, I need revenge!

        Remember the Alar scare!!

        • Courtney Perrier Bear says

          I just added that to my Amazon list. I work hazardous materials response for a state agency and the agency hired a bunch of econuts who don’t understand how the real world works. I share your pain of the PPE while those guys sit at their desk while we are out actually protecting lives and property. They want to stop emergency hazmat cleanups to make sure that there isn’t an area where an eagle might be able to nest someday or the burning fuel isn’t on top of a flint arrow or something. They can’t see the forest through the tree hugging!

          And my request for a guest, Gary Taubes who wrote Good Calories Bad Calories. He exposes the “science” behind cholesterol/fat and carbohydrates that is making us fat based bad science. In fact, you could change out the word “cholesterol” in the first chapter with “global warming” and it would be exactly what we are experiencing today. Good ‘ol Waxman was even involved in food regulations/subsidies back in the 70’s. Imagine that. I’m praying Taubes does the same type of research on climate change.

          • Michael Milligan says

            Thanks Courtney. You’re right. God only knows how many apple growers the Alar scare put out of business before the dust settled on that bit of insanity. Does anybody remember the ‘Big Green’ initiative?

  4. Steve Wiederholt says

    How about Columnists/Commentators/Politicians/Bloggers..etc, from other nations? I’m thinking South/Central America, Africa, Asia.
    What’s going on in their nation? Their view of Foreign Affairs. What is America doing right, what are we doing wrong.

  5. nick ronalds says

    jonah Goldberg, James Taranto, Bret Stephens, John Hinderaker, Andrew Breitbart (one of a new generation), Charles Krauthammer (I know he’s already a regular but we want more)

  6. says

    Hugh, I would love to hear Jay Sekulow on a regular basis. Every time I hear or see him on TV, he seems brilliant to me. It would be another knowledgable lawyer on constitutional matters on your show.



    I’d love to see Rich Lowry, Jonah Goldberg and more Hitchens. Also would love to have Liz Cheneney on more often. It would also be great if you could get 1 of the Sunday newhour hosts to join for a weekly call. It would be great if they could get your input/insight on the issues of the week.

  8. conservative_organizer says

    Since we are moving into the 2010 elections and he is the oracle of elections, I would like you to have Michael Barone guest when possible to update us on key races and the overall trend of the election. I know he may be contractually prohibited from making many appearances but he is the real deal when it comes to forecasting elections.

  9. Duke Powell says

    I agree with more VDH. Any of the Powerline guys would be great. How about Cong.Michele Bachmann?

  10. Tom Tyler says

    Here are my three recommendations:

    1. Make Michael Ledeen a regular contributor!

    2. I’ve become fan of David Warren of the Ottowa Citizen [http://www.davidwarrenonline.com/].

    3. Jennifer Rubin, whose contributions to the Contentions blog of Commentary magazine are always varied and spot on. [http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/category/contentions]. (BTW, she apparently no longer contributes to Pajamas Media).

  11. Sean Murphy says

    I love that you’ve incorporated Brian Wesbury into your programming. I’ve been following him for 5 or 6 years and he has become one of two economists I’ve found that can be relied upon to lay it out straight for all us non-economists.

    The other economist, whom I would strongly submit for consideration of inclusion on your program is Prof Mark Perry, Univ of Michigan. He maintains a wonderful blog (Carpe Diem) at mjperry.blogspot.com

    Merry Christmas

  12. Patrick Neil says

    I’d love to hear more Jonah Goldberg, longer interviews w/ Charles Krauthammer than afforded in the weekly “Beltway Boys” segments, Tom Sowell is a great suggestion (noted above). I’d also like to hear in interview w/ author/historian Joseph Ellis (Founding Brothers, American Sphinx, An American Creation) as I really enjoy his books.

  13. Kim Boutelier says

    I’d love to hear some more from the other side……someone like Christpher Hitchens. Also how about one of the guys from Climatespot.com?

  14. Ken Rini says

    Enjoy listening to the podcasts on a long, late night commute to work where there is poor/little radio reception….my only complaint is that your “Time with Steyn” is way too short….you need Mark on for at least an hour or maybe twice+ a week! Your chemistry together, his insight and the range of topics makes for some terrific radio!
    How bout getting the Steve’s Levitt and Dubner (Freakeonomics and now SUPERFreakepnomics)? taking the PC b.s. out of social reality!

  15. Nadine Carroll says

    Barry Rubin, who’s at the Gloria Center and writes for the Jerusalem Post. The Mideast Commentator whose predictions most often actually come true.

  16. Douglas TenNapel says

    More VDH! I’d also like to hear some more Greg Koukl (looking forward to the debate with Shermer), J.P. Moreland, Jay Wesley Richards, Frank Beckwith etc. I like the John Mark Reynolds, Hitchens and Krauthammer segments you’ve done too.

  17. dudette says

    longer segments with MARK STEYN and I second BYRON YORK. Also that great reporter Michael Yon, is it? The one in the middle east. No McCain, no RINOS please EVER….how about B-52 Bob who got shortshrfted by the Republicans when that hog woman stole his district, but because she was a Mexican and a woman they refused to challenege the vote. I detest RINOS. I detest Republicans who are timid. I detest procedural beltway geek republicans who think they are doing great work by NOT forcing a reading the d*** bill.

  18. dudette says

    Bob Dornan, that is, whose seat got stolen by that warthog Loretta Sanchex who now has a sister in the house doesn’t she? I am so disgusted with Sanchez I wish we could dump her off the pier. Sorry not in a good mood. I detest RINOS as much as liberal lefties, truthfully. I can’t stand a LACK OF SPINE or CHARACTER in a politician.

  19. Michael Milligan says

    Check out Larry Johnson from the No Quarter blog, Gordon Chang (WSJ in China), Bill Roggio (Long War Journal), Malcolm Hoenlein (Conference of Presidents Major American Jewish Organizations) for inside info on Israel, and more Gaffney, VDH and Krauthammer…

  20. Justin Flavin says

    Daniel hannan – conservative member of the European parliament. I suggest this because your show had one enormous gaping hole in coverage , namely what’s going on in the European union

  21. Barry Silver says

    Jim Rickards – a unique voice on the global financial markets and the threats to the US that could come by way of global markets and the financial system. Right up the alley of the “smartest political talk show”. Jim’s on CNBC from time to time, which doesn’t deserve him.

  22. Glenn Amurgis says

    Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams on Economics
    Jonah Goldberg & Andrew Brietbart on politics
    Patrick Michaels and Chris Horner on Environment/Climate Change

  23. Jennifer Sklepko says

    I agree so far with most of the suggestions and second, J.P. Morland, Thomas Sowell, Victor Davis Hanson, Charles Krauthammer. I would love to hear more from Dr. Arnn whose wisdom and dedication to education I admire. The six hour history of ideas was wonderful. I signed up for the hughniverse so not miss a moment of that series. I would love to hear from competent educators who are reviving a classical approach to education. I really enjoyed the debate between Greg Koukl and Michael Shermer.

  24. David Bockstanz says

    Can’t recommend my friend Scott Ott too highly – highly entertaining author of Scrappleface.com and other (more serious and well informed) blogs. Great speaker and very well informed.

  25. Houston Foppiano says

    If you could get Allahpundit to make his radio debut, it would be quite the coup.

  26. James Martin says

    I like the “scholars and authors” segments more than the “today’s headlines and Obama’s imbicility du jour” segments.

    Of course, 2010 is going to be a big horse-race year, but as often as you can, by all means, bring on more Dr. Arnn, VDH, DAW, and others like them. Non-political, human-interest stuff like your Entrepeneurs segments and Emmet are excellent, too.

    • Duane Patterson says

      oh, we will certainly throw in plenty of curve balls along the way. we do know what we have to do to keep people from going completely insane with the same diet day in, day out. but this has to be a year where we do slide the scale more towards politics the closer we get to November.

    • Duane Patterson says

      the trick to steyn is always leave them wanting more, which we have mastered! 😀

  27. Justin Flavin says

    another suggestion , from across the pond – Christopher Booker. Anything to do with “climategate” or the European Union, he’ll be a decent pointman to bring on the show. Regular column writer for the Daily Telegraph.

  28. Adam Khan says

    John F. Burns (international treasure) on the UK. Caroline Glick (who would be what HH would say is “bracing”) on Israel; or the more stately Daniel Doron. David P “Spengler” Goldman for sophistication (if sometimes a bit overly so) on geopoltics. Drudge, if he deigned. And might I with temerity suggest Tom Friedman, though that could get argumentative.

    What about tech and Apple? Not Walt Mossberg, whom Charlie Rose has wrapped up but about the guys at TidBits, such as Adam C. Engst?

    And please, less of Guy Benson and Mary Katherine Ham, neither of whom I’ve ever learned anything new from in months of regular listening.

  29. djl says


    I’ve listened to the shows with her about 10 times. Her insights, one after another, are like a fine wine, they get better with age and reflection.

    Would she be willing to be on a weekly segment?

  30. William Foster says

    Please, less of the lewinsky press (e.g., Mike Allen) – one can anticipate the spin. If Hugh wants to be challenged, then talk to Nick Gillespie, Cathy Young, or somebody else from Reason. About pot legalization, cigarette taxes or other of Hugh’s buttinski impulses.

  31. Jorge Miyares says

    I look forward to all your regular guests, but here are a couple of additions you might consider: Mary Anastasia O’Grady, James Taranto (both with roots at WSJ) and Daniel Hannan (Brit member of EU parlaiment). I find your exchanges with libs E.J. Dionne and Erwin Chemerinksy fascinating – if you want to add another (occasionally rational) lib, how about Clarence Page (Chicago Tribune)?

  32. Darren Jones says

    Echoing just about everyone, I can’t get enough VDH.

    The guy from Hillsdale College that did the history of ideas special was excellent also. It would be nice to expand on individual figures from that special to allow more time to be devoted to them.

    I like Gaffney.

    As a dislike: Whenever Chemerinsky comes on, my radio station changes. I don’t download podcasts with his segments. Listening to him is like nails on a chalkboard. He’s such a barking moonbat lefty that he’s a caricature. He’s such a joke that any day now South Park will be putting him in an episode. Other than that, I’m sure he’s a fine person.

  33. Dennis Horgan says

    John Woo from UC Berkeley, and how about Chris Christie? That would be a treat! On the downside, Steyn used to be a regular on Thursdays, but now he’s gone infrequent. And VDH is not averaging once a month. Can we offer to help pick his crops if he’ll be on more?

    • Duane Patterson says

      steyn’s on whenever he consents. we always try and hold that thursday slot for him, and look forward to getting back to the regular groove as soon as his schedule permits. vdh does need to come on more. john would be a good add.

  34. Larry Michaels says

    Margaret Thatcher, John Locke, Jeremy Bentham. Or is that unrealistic? Maybe Jennifer Rubin and Troy Senik. More of Jonah is always more. And more idiot lefties to make fools of themselves. I mean, the reality is that Erwin can’t shoulder the whole burden alone. So MUCH foolishness, so little time…