1. Joel Turvey says

    I think it is a great idea, and I have donated. My congressman, Kurt Schrader (D-OR) is on the list. I attended a town hall this summer and wrote to him several times urging him not to vote for the health care bill, to no avail. I will let him know that I have contributed and that I will work for his opponent.

      • Joel Turvey says

        I did, and I told him that I was not happy with his vote, totally disagreed with him, and would work for his opponent. Thank you for your work to inform people about this effort. Also, thank you for interviewing Sen. Kyl this week. He was articulate and direct. I wish he were my senator.

  2. Nick Sanders says

    Rep. Sessions said the site would include a running counter of donations, but it isn’t there. That’s the key to scaring people, isn’t it?
    (also, it makes it more fun to give)

      • Nick Sanders says

        Hi Hugh:
        Is this thread is too old for you to catch this post?
        In your most recent (Wed. Jan 20, 2010) interview with Rep Sessions he says now has about $270,000 (see the 29:40 mark of the mp3 file). The website is only showing $200,000.

        • Nick Sanders says

          Got an email back from them, in case anyone else was wondering about the disparity..
          “The total reflected on the homepage is the total raised so far. Obviously we would like to have $270,000 ready to give to candidates (our goal is to far exceed that). We apologize for any confusion.”

  3. tennkan says

    I’ve done what I could. I hope we can indeed reverse the vote.

    C.S. Lewis said something like “going further down the wrong road is not progress. The soonest way to progress is to turn around.”

    Something for “progressives” to ponder.

  4. adam smith says

    Sent in 50 dollars, but I am more inclined to donate to individuals like Toomey and Rubio and others that share my views.

    • Hugh Hewitt says

      I am too, but at this juncture for this issue, the collective action is the only way to get the attention of so many Ds.

  5. mugs85 says

    First time ever to a political campaign. Have thrown lots of dollars to charities and the Church in years past (and will continue to make that the primary beneficiary of my labor), but never to something like this. My imagination has been captured by the idea of opposition by use of money, and maybe its because I am finally old enough to understand the game.
    I am still going to hedge with canned food and precious metals of all sorts, but promise to physically get in the game with my energy against socialism by all leagal political means.
    I’m OUT!

  6. Nick Stuart says

    Yes have donated. Will donate again. Good idea, now the NRSC need to connect with a list of senators to be targeted.

  7. Shirley Williams says

    Already have and will continue to do so. Will also donate to one to remove any senator who votes for it. If it passes we will need to get it reversed.

  8. John Sobieski says

    Great idea.. Though I was disheartened by the inane survey on the thankyou page. One of the questions was where does one get one’s news.. And the web was not among the allowed options. Oh well. I donated and will continue to do so finances permitting. We need to win this war.

  9. Harry Turvey says

    I think is a solid start. I’ve contributed and will again. I let my Representative, Kurt Shrader (Oregon’s 5th), know that I’m now working against him with lots of energy and all the funds I can muster.

    However, I hope Jeff Sessions keeps listening to Hugh because the NRCC is still missing great opportunities. Case in point: the ReverseTheVote site still shows only $87,000 contributed, which was the total yesterday. I’ve got to believe that it’s gone up today (Saturday). The site needs to display a real-time total that goes up every time a contribution gets made – just like the NCPA did with the Free Our Health Care Now petition. Displaying a rising total reinforces each contributor, gives everyone heart, encourages continued giving, and increases the discomfort of those 24 Democratic House members currently targeted.

    I plan to keep on giving (we all have to), but I hope Congressman Sessions will call Hugh back and listen closely. The NRCC can do even better.

  10. Susan Reynolds says

    They just LOOK like a bunch of idiots!

    I guess my local nitwits Susan Davis and Ron Filner aren’t on the list because they can’t be brought to the trough of reason and responsibility. LET’S ALL RUN OUT AND DESTROY THE COUNTRY INSTEAD!

    How can a resisting state compete with a government option if we’re not allowed to shop for insurance scross state lines? They offer a “state” option along side the “government option” and sub-contract the deliverables to the insurance companies that currently operate in their state. As utlity companies are subject to regulatory bodies of states (like CPUC in California), so can insurance companies…so they will have to offer service, and they cannot over-charge customers, they will not go out of business because they are protected by the state. It is not ideal, only competition and elimination of the government from being in the health insurance business would be ideal…but it would be better than a government option that ultimately leads to the ONLY option.

    Businesses in the state will receive favorable regulatory and tax advantages for moving there, but they will have to provide health insurance options to employees that at least includes a state option along side a government option if they do not include private insurance options also. “Some” competition and cost efficient business practices can still be maintained because the state would not be in the business of healthcare, they would just award state contracts to healthcare providers who are already in the business of healthcare.

    “I choose the California State Plan, plan C. Blue Cross…which offers be a, b, and c.” Or “I choose the California State Plan, plan E. Pacificare…which osffers me x, y, and z.”

    Just throwing out that desperate idea on a Saturday afternoon, and I’m sure it has holes — but if our cowardly and in some cases evil federal politicians will not stand up for us, we may need to apply serious local pressure for our states to step up and do that for us. It is in their financial and republican interests as well as ours. Then 11 months from now we toss these a-holes right out of office where they belong and urge our new leadership to RECIND THE HEALTHCARE BILL!

  11. dahveed says

    I contributed.

    It may be a pipe dream, but we now need a veto-proof congress so, if this monstrocity of a healthcare bill passes, a Republican congress can repeal it quickly and easily.

  12. Doug Bates says

    I think it is a great idea and should be duplicated on the Senate side with those Senators who voted for cloture and are on the lists that Hugh has been providing. I have contributed to the reverse the vote. I have not contributed since 2004 and then only a small amount. After talking with my wife I think it is time to get serious about our contributions and make a sacrifice. We both fell keenly the danger of lost liberty.

  13. Dave Hokanson says

    I’ve contributed. Thanks for pushing this idea — I’m glad that the NRCC finally listened!! Now we need to do the same thing for the Senate!!

  14. Mark Keller says

    I am a resident of the 9th district of Indiana represented(for now) by Baron Hill. I can not wait for the opportunity to work for his defeat in ’10. I have met and contributed to his expected opponent, Todd Young. I will soon be making a contribution to reversethevote as well. Many of my friends are doing the same. None of us have ever financialy supported a political campaign before. One friend has volunteered to staff Todd’s office in our area two days per week.

    We are just as determined to see Evan Bayh defeated as well! We are tired of being ignored by these people!

  15. David Dawson says

    The key is participation from many thousands of people. A donor counter should be added to the site. We need get that count up to 50,000 or so. I hope that momemtum for opposing this vote can be ignited and maintained during the holidays. It is the responsibility of our fellow citizens to participate in large numbers to oppose this. If they don’t then they get socialized medicine as a reward for their apathy. I just made a donation and will forward the link to my email distribution list.

  16. Patrick Sweeney says

    I contributed, but I think we need daily updates on what to do to influence the vote. There’s a element of despair setting in that (a) this can’t be fixed until the 2010 election, (b) this can’t be fixed until the 2012 election, or (c) if you think socialized medicine can be stopped at this point, you probably also think that Social Security and Medicare can be “stopped” as well. Was this baked into the nation’s fabric on November 28, 1932?

  17. tginga says

    I have heard nothing about Reverse the Vote other than on Hugh Hewitt’s show and Web site. It’s an outstanding idea, but $100K, or a little over $4K per race, (part of it from me) is not going to accomplish much.

  18. Witty Username says

    It seems like a step in the right direction (ba-dum-tish), it’s been frustrating how the GOP has been slow to embrace the power of the internet, and whilst it’s a sweeping statement, it’s the one area where the ‘old white guys party’ slur is true; the GOP comes across (with some exceptions) as new media/tech dinosaurs. That’s one thing you have to hand it to the left, they know what they’re doing in terms of grassroots and the internet.

    And yes,I made a donation.

  19. taggart says

    Pay day today. Just contributed. Great idea!

    Spent Saturday at gun show working campaign booth for conservative. My district’s rubber stamp liberal must be forced into retirement and sacrifice for the country in 2010. Chances are very slim for a conservative to win in this district, but I will not stop trying.

  20. dudette says

    I donated and I just wish we could get rid of the liberal leadership at the head of the RNC, not the frontmen, the ones who share the Frum-Brooks sentiments of moderates and a big tent full of lefties as a way to expand the base. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and getting the exact same failure.