Contributing to Toomey and Castle

Over at, I use the example of a California start-up, QuantumSpehere, to illustrate how real job growth occurs, and then segue to an appeal for contributions to two GOP senate campaigns in 2010 –Mike Castle’s in Delaware and Pat Toomey’s in Pennsylvania.

Castle is a Republican moderate and Toomey a GOP conservative. We need both to win if we are to re-establish some crucial balance in the Congress. Questions: Have you contributed to either? Will you (like, right now)? Would you be willing to start with the one who is least like you ideologicially as an exanple of giving towards an effective blocking force in the Congress?

And do you think the conservative grass roots understand the need for moderates like Castle and the GOP moderates the need for conservatives like Toomey if a governing majority is to be rebuilt?

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