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Over at, I use the example of a California start-up, QuantumSpehere, to illustrate how real job growth occurs, and then segue to an appeal for contributions to two GOP senate campaigns in 2010 –Mike Castle’s in Delaware and Pat Toomey’s in Pennsylvania.

Castle is a Republican moderate and Toomey a GOP conservative. We need both to win if we are to re-establish some crucial balance in the Congress. Questions: Have you contributed to either? Will you (like, right now)? Would you be willing to start with the one who is least like you ideologicially as an exanple of giving towards an effective blocking force in the Congress?

And do you think the conservative grass roots understand the need for moderates like Castle and the GOP moderates the need for conservatives like Toomey if a governing majority is to be rebuilt?


7 Responses to “Contributing to Toomey and Castle”
  1. dahveed says:

    The Democrats in Congress aren’t listening to our voices which is clear. So, I urge everyone to contribute to the RNC, NRSC and the RNCC. The only way the other side will know we are serious is when they see money flowing to their opposition. They never take voices as seriously as they do money.

  2. Nicholas Chalko says:

    I’m unemployed and have $20′s ready to give to the NRCC’s “reverse the vote” fund. I’ll give it right now.

  3. Gregory Voci says:

    Castle is looking good in Delaware. He is a former gov. there. Toomey is the real deal on economics. PA is a tough state for the GOP, but the GOP had a good year this time around when turnout was low. We picked up 6 of 7 statewide judicial races. If the economy is not good next year or if unemployment remains high, Toomey’s likely dynamic economic proposals may be a big help to his candidacy.

  4. William Douglass says:

    The GOP should absolutely hammer on Cap and Trade. Cap and Trade will kill what is left of the steel industry. At the end of the day, people want jobs.

  5. William Douglass says:

    PA has gone to the GOP before. Pittsburgh is not much different than Western Ohio with the possible exception of strength, endurance, fortitude, character, heart, and championships/

  6. David Lyday says:

    This administration and the House Democrats have spit on the will of the American people.

    Except the Blue Dogs who were as good as their word (well, all but two were … Hill and Cuellar, don’t think you get a pass).

    Is there a process to recall members of Congress?

    In a Galen poll in October, 70% of people rejected “mandatory coverage” provisions enforced by fines; more than 2/3 opposed cutting benefits for seniors to pay for coverage for some of the uninsured; 58 percent opposed raising taxes on the working and middle class to provide health insurance for more Americans.

    The liberal Democrats threw “consent of the governed” in the trash. Now we know who they are

    I just e-mailed Pete Sessions to go with the Hewitt plan. Like Nicholas above, if they create a fund to target Dems who voted to destroy the country, we’re in.

    Pound ‘em, Hugh!

  7. Jody Steel says:

    “And do you think the conservative grass roots understand the need for moderates like Castle and the GOP moderates the need for conservatives like Toomey if a governing majority is to be rebuilt?”

    Yes. The base is not dumb. The compromise between ideals and reality occurs in every life, every day. Most Americans understand the question “what will work?” very well. We don’t always like it, but we understand it, examine it, and do it.

    The insistence on conservatism is redefining the amount of compromise we are willing to accept, not a rejection of any compromise whatsoever.

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