Happy Birthday Ancient Duane

It is Duane, aka Radioblogger’s birthday.  he’s really old.  Please post your best wishes.  We are also looking for baby pictures of Duane, and of course High School yearbook pictures.  Post away.


  1. Ila Lynch says

    “Hippo Birddie to You, Hippo Birddie to You, Hippo Birddie Dear, Dear Duane, HIPPO BIRRDIE TOOOOOOOOOOOO YOOUUUUU!!!!”

    • Duane Patterson says

      thanks. actually, knowing hugh’s other producers, you are factually correct in that statement. 😀

        • Duane Patterson says

          mr. kfi/mr. kabc/mr. k is a radio entity out there who was hugh’s first radio producer. he just ain’t no dad gum good.

          • Lynn Maudlin says

            I didn’t know that! I enjoyed MrK, spoke to him occasionally both on air & by email. Perhaps a better on-air personality than producer, eh? Interesting how many radio show folks started as screeners or producers!

          • Duane Patterson says

            well, i have no idea what my career path will eventually take. I’m perfectly comfortable in the role i currently play.

  2. George Rapp says

    Hugh, you really should try the “P” key in your subject line. It’s in the neighborhood of the “O” (thankfully, not that “O” … 8^)

    Duane, happy birthday, old man. By which I mean “two weeks and change older ‘n me” … 8^)

    • Duane Patterson says

      yes, but you are just starting the kid routine again. mine’s 19. you’re going to age quicker than me.

  3. Carolyn Strong says


    You are more than the man behind the curtain…

    You are the patient shepherd of the Tribbles for Hugh! Hope you have a great day!

  4. Jack Lavelle says

    AHA!! Happy birthday, Refrito.

    Want to know who else has this birthday? I’m not listening up to now in case HH has run down some of these, sorry for duplication. Here goes:

    1959 – Jason Alexander
    1949 – Bruce Springsteen
    1930 – Ray Charles
    1958 – Larry Mize (golfer)
    1926 – John Coltrane
    1939 – Roy Buchanan (guitar strangler)
    1920 – Mickey Rooney
    1943 – Julio Iglesias
    1967 – Harry Connick, Jr.
    1947 – Mary Kay Place
    1945 – Paul Petersen (Donna Reed Show)
    1949 – Jerry B. Jenkins (‘Left Behind’ books)
    1897 – Walter Pidgeon
    1889 – Walter Lippmann

    and first, but not least:
    1215 – Kublai Khan

  5. Tamara Jackson says

    So DP!

    Did we surprise you? We’ve had fun sneaking around dm-ing, emailing…all under Generalissimo’s nose! It’s not easy planning anything around the station without you knowing or helping! 😀

    • Duane Patterson says

      yes, you surprised me. if i had woken up with my head sewn to the carpet, i wouldn’t have been more surprised than i am right now. that’s out of a movie.

  6. Christine Ralphs says

    Hey, Duane. Happy Birthday! It’s a great day, and don’t be afraid. You’re good at Living Life Well and Happily, and that’s not going to change…EVER!

  7. Justin Flavin says

    Happy birthday Duane – keep up the good work.

    Absolutely LOVED your ribbing of John Campbell and the “wet” field complete with “mmm mmmm mmmm mah mah” on top..

    i was laughing my head off whilst walking the streets of London.

    Have a good one! you deserve it.

  8. mr_fastbucks says

    We took up a collection for a Challenger. But he who will not be named (that’s you El Presidente) didn’t come up with enough stimulus cash. By next year ACORN will be out of business so we’ll reapply.

    Happy Birthday Generalissimo!

  9. NeoConScum says

    Hugh…Has the Generalissimo discussed your upcoming..errr…accident after the show wrap tonight? No? Oh. I’d assumed that since the entire staff knows about the Coup..well, that you also knew. We all think it’s best. A long, long rest will recharge your circuits and when Duane allows you to return in 2013…Well, ’nuff said.

    Happy, Healthy, Productive, Prosperous, Joyous Birthday, Duane.

      • Lynn Maudlin says

        under the right conditions it’s very funny! Larry Niven (you read science fiction?) lead an audience in singing it to me on my birthday at Westercon one year – I had a concert on my birthday (which was fun, actually) – and I never heard it before (sheltered life, I tell you)… well, perhaps you had to be there–! {grin}

  10. daveinaz says

    HBDP! I’m almost flabbergasted that this strange group of people could surprise you. Glad you were surprised, and you can see how much you are appreciated! Live long and prosper, fine sir!!

  11. Jim Anderson says

    Congratulations Duane! At 60, you look so much younger than Hugh. For that matter, at 50 you look so much younger than Hugh.

  12. Chuck Sholdt says

    Every man over forty is a scoundrel. – George Bernard Shaw

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Patterson! You deserve every good wish.


    China Chuck

  13. Steven Potter says

    Happy Birthday fine Sir! Hope you enjoyed it in your own way. I know what you mean about being surly on one’s birthday. I’m usually quite the same when it comes to my birthday. All the best, and many more.

    • Duane Patterson says

      thanks, steve. my family always hates me around every five years. i seem to build up to an excessive case of surliness, peaking twice a decade.

  14. anisa guinosso says

    Happy birthday duane you do a geat job–i thought from tour voice you were like in our 30’s. I am shocked to hear thems ay you turn 60–isnt that a joke or am i missing something??? dudette

    • Duane Patterson says

      it is a joke, you aren’t missing something. hugh just decided to arbitrarily age me beyond my 43 years. some days i feel 60, though. thanks…dp

  15. Carl Catlin says

    I assume that this is the week of Duane so Happy post birthday. There is actually $70 worth of Del Taco. When we played golf, I thought you were 70 so there was to be a $ a year. Glad to find out you are only 60 and if you splurge on burritos you will feel 70.
    And thanks for keeping tami out of the bars for a couple of weeks. God Bless Carl

    • Duane Patterson says

      she was incredible. too bad she’s not a lefty. she’d make a hell of a community organizer for ACORN.

  16. says

    Duane, don’t worry in a couple of years the tribbles will help you find that special place..you know, where you elderly people can live together for bingo and checkers and extra big numbers on the doors so you don’t miss your room. Do not, do not call it an old folks home…view it as an assisted living resort.

  17. John Davey says

    Sorry I missed your birthday Duane – I was swamped yesterday in the afternoon, so I’ll extend my wishes for a happy birthday now.

    You’ve only got 1 year on me (really just 6 months) so I’m 42 – but many days I feel 60.

    I believe you are correct about the children assaulting the aging process. Mine are 8 & 5 and that does tend to spin the odometer a bit.

    It does help when you’re the 5th of 7 children – someone has already had every milestone birthday before you, so its really no big deal.

    The way to get back at Hugh is to determine when his hair started going silver… 25? 30?

    Hope you enjoyed your day.

    • Lynn Maudlin says

      I had a friend in high school whose hair was salt & pepper by the time we graduated; at the 10 yr reunion was entirely white – yee gads!

      • Duane Patterson says

        but at least i still have the hair. baldness isn’t something i’m going to have to worry about unless it’s caused by medical treatment for something else, in which case baldness won’t be my primary concern then, either.